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Horde 32 Gillijim's Isle
Level 10-20
Gilijim's Isle2
CapitalAtal'jin (7,500)
RacesIconSmall Troll MaleIconSmall Troll Female Jungle troll (5,000)

IconSmall ForestTroll MaleIconSmall ForestTroll Female Forest troll (3,000)
IconSmall Goblin MaleIconSmall Goblin Female Goblin (1,500)
IconSmall Naga MaleIconSmall Naga Female Naga

IconSmall Murloc Murloc
GovernmentHereditary monarchy
Major settlementsGizzmo Station (1,500)

Gillijim's Isle is an island in the South Seas off the coast of Stranglethorn Vale. It is south of Island of Doctor Lapidis. The island is inhabited by exiled Jungle trolls that were from the Gurubashi Empire.

Emerald DreamEdit

The island is expected to appear in the World of Warcraft: Emerald Dream. It is also going to be a new leveling zone for the playable Forest trolls that are going to join the Horde.

After N'Zoth awakens, the island is going to be invaded by the Naga.

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