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Horde 32 Maulgruul
Main leader IconSmall Ogre Male Ro'gash
Secondary leaders IconSmall Ogre Male Rosh Bladescar
Race(s) IconSmall Ogre Male IconSmall Ogre Male2 IconSmall Ogre Female  Ogre
IconSmall Orc Male IconSmall Orc Female  Orc
IconSmall Troll Male IconSmall Troll Female  Jungle troll
IconSmall ForestTroll Male IconSmall ForestTroll Female  Forest troll
IconSmall Tauren Male IconSmall Tauren Female  Tauren
IconSmall Goblin Male IconSmall Goblin Female  Goblin
Base of operationsMaulgruul
Theater of operationsBladescar Highlands
Ogre Clans that unite into one:

Maulgruul is the faction occupying the Ogre Capital city of Maulgruul, located on the northern edge of the region of Bladescar Highlands. The city is a fortified complex guarded by stout walls, massive gates and tall towers.

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