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Alliance 32 Northern Crusade
Main leaderTBA
Secondary leadersTBA
Race(s) IconSmall HighElf Male Alt IconSmall HighElf Female  High elf
Base of operationsQuel'Dor
Theater of operationsNortheron, Eastern Kingdoms
AffiliationKingdom of Quel'Dor, Alliance

The Northern Crusade was a large High elf military that was affiliated with the Alliance. The crusade was formed by Regent Lord Tharama Lightbringer of Quel'Dor.

Known membersEdit

Official alliance mini-icon IconSmall High Elf Female Joy Ar'nareth Mage trainer Alive Quel'Dor
Official alliance mini-icon IconSmall High Elf Male Rayan Dawnrisen Paladin trainer Alive Quel'Dor

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