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HordeNPC 32Ro'gash
Ogre nopic
Title Warlord of the Bladescar Clan
Gender Male
Race Ogre
Level  ??
Character class Warrior, Gladiator
Health 345,910,600
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Bladescar clan, Horde
Position Warlord
Location Several locations
Status Alive
Relative(s) Rosh Bladescar (son)
Comp(s) Vol'jin, Thrall, Baine Bloodhoof

Ro'gash is the first Warlord of the Bladescar clan, Lord of all united Ogre Clans, and founder of the Bladescar Highlands.


The First WarEdit

Much of his early life is unknown. At an early age, Ro'gash was enslaved by his Gronn master, but rebelled against him. When he prevailed and killed his master, many Ogres chose to follow him, naming him "Gronnkiller", and thought him of a great leader to restore freedom. When Gul'dan and his Orcs wanted to make an alliance with the Ogres, Ro'gash saw how corrupt they were and refused when he noticed their dark magic. He was able to lead all the Ogres far during the First War and was able to find a land where they would remain hidden for sometime.

After the opening of the Dark Portal between Azeroth and Draenor, Ro'gash gathered all the Ogres to stand beside him and they fought their way past the Orcs guarding the portal and went through. During the war between the Alliance and Horde, Ro'gash gathered his people and ventured west to Kalimdor where they planned to find a place to live. Upon arriving to the western continent, Ro'gash and the Ogres founded Bladescar Highlands. While the ogres settled in the new land, Ro'gash named his clan the "Bladescar Clan". For years, Ro'gash and the Bladescar ogres constructed their own Capital city and named it Maulgruul. He was soon married to a unnamed wife and had a son named Rosh.

Rise of the LegionEdit

Years later, Ro'gash and his son were soon met by Thrall, son of Durotan, who discovered this new land. Ro'gash saw how kind and friendly he was and decided to give him a warm welcome. After Thrall consulted with him and his son, the Warlord agreed to his proposal and was later given an honorable welcome to the Horde by Warchief Vol'jin. Ro'gash and Rosh became a good friends to Vol'jin, Thrall, and Baine Bloodhoof, leader of the Tauren.

Several months after joining the Horde, Ro'gash welcomed hundreds of Horde visitors that came to the city. He allowed them to build more structures, and making the city fortified. He also allowed many Ogres to Mages, Monks, Rogues, or Shamans. He was soon visited by Thrall once again when the Orc warned him that a great threat is about to come to this land. Ro'gash truly agreed to his warning and made sure that his people were ready to face it, but their efforts came to late.

A vast legion of corrupted Fel ogres, slaves to the Burning Legion, prepared to attack the city. Before the army prepared to attack, a female Ogre Mage named Chief Ogg'ora was able to save the city by unleashing a powerful sleeping spell which put the entire legion to sleep. After Ro'gash and Thrall thanked her for everything, she revealed to them that there was a chance that all these ogres could be saved from this demonic corruption. As Ro'gash and Thrall witnessed hundreds of Spintergut healers free many ogres from the corruption, they decided to bring them into the Horde.

Later, Ro'gash called in a number of clans (Crushridge, Deadwind, Dreadmaul, Dunemaul, Dustbelcher, Fire-gut, Gordunni, Mo'grosh, Splinter Fist, Spirestone, Stonegullet, Stonemaul, and Torchbelcher) to attend a peace conference outside the city of Maulgruul. After they all agreed to make peace and align themselves with the Horde, Ro'gash became the "Lord of all united Ogre Clans".

Dark BelowEdit

Ro'gash and his son, proud Warlord of the Bladescar clan and lord of all united clans, remained in his palace, located in Maulgruul.


Despite been brutish in nature, Ro'gash was described as been an honorable warrior. He is seen as a kind and friendly person to his allies and will accept any visitors from the Horde into his city.

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