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Alliance 32 Royal Tiras Navy
Royal Tiras Navy 1
Main leader IconSmall Human Male Admiral Zalaphil
Race(s) IconSmall Human Male IconSmall Human Female  Human
IconSmall Worgen Male IconSmall Worgen Female  Worgen
IconSmall Vrykul Male IconSmall Vrykul Female  Vrykul
IconSmall HighElf Male Alt IconSmall HighElf Female  High elf
IconSmall Dwarf Male IconSmall Dwarf Female  Dwarf
IconSmall NightElf Male IconSmall NightElf Female  Night elf
IconSmall Draenei Male IconSmall Draenei Female  Draenei
IconSmall Gnome Male IconSmall Gnome Female  Gnome
IconSmall HalfElf Male IconSmall HalfElf Female  Half-elf
IconSmall Centaur Male IconSmall Centaur Female  Centaur
IconSmall Pandaren Male IconSmall Pandaren Female  Pandaren
IconSmall Furbolg  Furbolg
IconSmall Yaungol Yaungol
Main languageCommon
Secondary languagesAny
QuartermasterSandra Curtis
Tabard Tiras

The Royal Tiras Navy is an elite military that was formed by Lord Admiral Tandred Proudmoore.


Rise of the LegionEdit

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

During the time of the war between the Alliance and Horde, Tandred Proudmoore decided to reform the Kul Tiras Elite Corps and the Admiral's Elite Guard into one. Since he was willing to increase the military, he invited hundreds of different Alliance races to join the navy.

Known membersEdit

IconSmall Human Male Admiral Zalaphil Admiral of the Navy Alive Boralus, Kul'Tiras
IconSmall Human Female Fairmount Captain Alive Boralus, Kul'Tiras
IconSmall Human Female Sandra Curtis Quartermaster Alive Boralus, Kul'Tiras
IconSmall Draenei Male Captain Koslov Captain Alive Boralus, Kul'Tiras
IconSmall Human Male Robert Aebischer Rifleman Alive Boralus, Kul'Tiras


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