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Neutral 32 Trilland Mountains
Level 45-60
CapitalWildforge (18,400)
Kezan City
Races IconSmall Dwarf Male IconSmall Dwarf Female  Dwarf (7,400)

IconSmall Wildhammer Male IconSmall Wildhammer Female  Wildhammer dwarf (7,000)
IconSmall Troll Male IconSmall Troll Female  Troll (7,000)
IconSmall ForestTroll Male IconSmall ForestTroll Female  Forest troll (6,300)
IconSmall Gnome Male IconSmall Gnome Female  Gnome (4,000)
IconSmall Goblin Male IconSmall Goblin Female  Goblin (4,000)


Trilland Mountains is a snowy region in Maerylore. It is a huge landmass where the Dwarves and Gnomes of the Alliance created a huge capital city named Wildforge while the Jungle trolls, Forest trolls, and Goblins from the Horde create another city named Kezan City.

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