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Official alliance mini-icon Worgen
Worgen crest
Icon of the Cursed
Character classesDeath Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior
Main languageGilnean
Secondary languageCommon
Starting zoneGilneas City, Gilneas
Racial leaderKing Genn Greymane Queen Tess Greymane
CapitalGilneas City
Racial mountNone (See Running Wild)

The Worgen of Gilneas are a savage race of lupine-like creatures that serve as members of the Alliance.


Records indicate that the worgen, a race of lupine humanoids, existed for a time in Kalimdor. Other evidence also suggested that the Worgen were from a different world, that came through portals by Archmage Argual. In fact, more recent evidence suggested that their true origin might have a connection to the night elves and a secretive druidic order from Kalimdor's distant past. This proved to be correct as the curse originated from a druidic sect who followed Goldrinn, known as Druids of the Pack. They shapeshifted into the feral worgen and eventually lost their minds to its violent nature. The other Druids agreed that they must be locked away, and thus put them into eternal slumber deep beneath a tree... until the day Arugal and Velinde Starsong tampered with the Scythe of Elune. It was the night elves, after all, who created the curse in the first place. Obliged to help their newfound allies, they re-introduce them to the Alliance.

The worgen's first verified appearance in the Eastern Kingdoms has been traced back to the Third War, when the archmage Arugal utilized the wolf-beasts as a weapon against the Scourge. Arugal's weapons soon turned against him, however, as the curse of the worgen rapidly spread among the human population, transforming ordinary men and women into ravenous, feral creatures.

Arugal adopted many of the worgen as his own and retreated to the former mansion of Baron Silverlaine, the estate now known as Shadowfang Keep. The curse, however, was not contained. It persisted in the lands of Silverpine and extended even into the fabled walled nation of Gilneas, where the curse rapidly reached pandemic levels.


Before the Cataclysm, the citizens of of Gilneas found themselves trapped, with no hope of escape. There, they were transformed into savage beasts and would spread to destruction. Many were cured and fought against the Forsaken that invaded the land.


After the land of Gilneas was rebuilt under the rule of Queen Tess Greymane, she ordered the Gilneans of the Alliance to capture many worgen that belonged to Arugal and others that wonder in the Eastern Kingdoms where they would all be cured.

Worgen players will start as one of Arugal's worgen where they would be held as prisoners until Krennan Aranas approaches to the players and cures them.

Starting attributes Edit

Base[1] IconSmall Mage Mage IconSmall Priest Priest IconSmall Rogue Rogue IconSmall Warlock Warlock IconSmall Warrior Warrior IconSmall Druid Druid IconSmall Hunter Hunter IconSmall Deathknight Death Knight
Strength 23 23 23 23 23 26 24 23 111
Agility 22 22 22 25 22 22 22 25 75
Stamina 20 20 20 21 21 22 20 21 99
Intellect 16 19 18 16 18 16 18 16 25
Spirit 19 21 22 19 21 19 21 20 41

Racial traits Edit

Ability racial darkflight [Darkflight] (3 min cooldown)
Activates your true form, increasing movement speed by 40% for 10 sec.
Ability racial viciousness  [Viciousness] (passive)
Increases critical strike chance by 1%.
Ability racial aberration  [Aberration] (passive)
No longer reduces the duration of all curses and diseases used against you by 15%. Instead, gives more resistance to both Nature and Shadow damage.
Ability racial flayer  [Flayer] (passive)
Skinning skill increased by 15 and allows you to skin 0.5 seconds faster.
Ability racial twoforms [Two Forms] (1.5 sec cooldown)
Transforms you between human and worgen forms. You will revert to worgen form in combat.
Ability mount blackdirewolf [Running Wild] (1.5 sec cooldown)
Drop to all fours to run as fast as a wild animal. Provides a speed increase equivalent to a ground mount.

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