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World of Warcraft: Deceiver
Kil'jaeden Magister's Terrace
Release date(s)2018
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X

World of Warcraft: Deceiver is the sixth expansion of the World of Warcraft. The content of the expansion will feature the return of Kil'jaeden and plans to destroy the Argus and Azeroth.


From the official site:

A long-lost enemy has returned from the Sunwell.

After N'Zoth's defeat, the Alliance and Horde believed that Azeroth was saved and put an end to this evil. But they must fight against the Burning Legion.

The Alliance and Horde continue to ally themselves in defeating the Legion once again, but an old enemy has returned. Kil'jaeden, the Demon Lord and the Superior leader of the Burning Legion, was freed from the Sunwell with the help of Mal'Ganis, who was revealed to be alive. The enemies lead their conflict on the planet Argus, which was thought to have been corrupted by the Legion's demonic power. Now the Alliance and Horde must aid other races and factions to face Kil'jaeden and the Burning Legion.


  • Player level cap increased from 100-110.
  • Kil'jaeden is planned to be the final encounter in the expansion.

New Playable Races

On Argus, four new playable races will be introduced in this expansion:

  • Official horde mini-icon Bugbears - a faction of goblinoids that join the Horde in the expansion.
  • Official alliance mini-icon Fauns - a faction of uncorrupted Satyrs that join the Alliance in the expansion.
  • Official horde mini-icon Giths - a faction of orc-like humanoids that join the Horde in the expansion.
  • Official alliance mini-icon Wood eladrins - a faction of elvish humanoids that join the Alliance.

The expansion will allow previous faction-exclusive classes to be played on the opposing faction.


Main article: Argus


Main article: Xoroth

New Zones


Main article: Othoran

The expansion will introduce Argus' first continent: Othoran. The continent will show several zones that are open for players.

Areas in the northern part of Othoran:

Areas in the southern part of Othoran:

Areas between the north and south of Othoran:


Main article: Xorothi

The expansion will introduce Xoroth's continent Xorothi. The land masses are completely huge.

Dungeons and raids





Factions and organizations

Old end-game factions

New end-game factions

New Races



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