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World of Warcraft: Mystery of the Dark God
Developer(s)Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher(s)Blizzard Entertainment
Release date(s)2014
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X

World of Warcraft: Mystery of the Dark God is the fifth expansion for World of Warcraft.

Major expansion and changes

  • Player level cap increased to 95.
  • Three new high-level zones:
  • Four new player races: Forest troll, Furbolg, High elf, and Ogre.
  • Another dramatic alteration of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.
  • Level cap raised on all main and secondary professions to 1550, with many new items, patterns and rewards.
  • All races are expecting to have all classes.
  • Worgen and Goblins will have Monk classes.
  • Pandaren players will have access in becoming Death Knights.

New Zones

Starting zones

Leveling zones

  • Official horde mini-icon Hiji: 5-10 leveling zone for all playable Horde races.
  • Official horde mini-icon Agamand Isles: 10-20 leveling zone for all playable Horde races.
  • Neutral 15 Plunder Isle: 10-15 leveling zone for all playable races.
  • Neutral 15 Kul Tiras: 15-25 leveling zone for all playable races.

High-leveled zones

Dungeons and raids



Additional changes

Factions and organizations

Factions and organizations are highlighted in the expansion. These factions and organizations are expected to play major or minor roles for the end-game and leveling content include the following:


  • Official alliance mini-icon Highland tribe - a large and civilized tribe of Vrykul that remained hidden in the mountains of Northrend when the Scourge ruled the continent. They all came out of hiding and traveled far south where they join the Alliance.
  • Official alliance mini-icon Winterskorn tribe - a race of Vrykul warriors that allied themselves with the Scourge. After the deaths of King Ymiron and the Lich King, all these formidable warriors from this tribe have joined the noble Alliance.


  • Official horde mini-icon Dragonflayer clan - a race of Vrykul warriors that allied themselves with the Scourge. After the deaths of King Ymiron and the Lich King, all these formidable warriors from this clan have joined the barbaric Horde.


  • Neutral 15 Centaur Marauders - a clan or group of centaurs that were ancestral enemies of the tauren and the Horde. Following the cataclysm and the awakening of N'Zoth, the Centaur Marauders have fled Kalimdor and joined the Zandalari Empire during their journey to Zandalar.
  • Neutral 15 Farraki tribe - a large, reformed tribe of Desert Trolls that deserted the Zandalari after their failure in reclaiming their former glory. Hoping to rebuild their civilization in Zul'Farrak, the Sandfury trolls are fighting against the Dark trolls of the Zoth Empire.
  • Neutral 15 Maraudine clan - a clan of centaurs that occupy in the Valley of Spears and maintain the temple of Maraudon. Preparing for war against the other centaur clans or tribes, the Maraudine centaurs have become allies with the Zoth Empire.
  • Neutral 15 Zandalari Rebellion - a small resistance of Zandalari trolls that refused to support Rastakhan, who has gone corrupt over his own people.
  • Neutral 15 Zoth Empire - a formed faction that has arose in the world of Azeroth under the rule of N'Zoth. The Zoth Empire will play a major part in the expansion where they


Prominent figures

Among the many figures confirmed to have major roles in the story of expansion are:

  • Boss 15IconSmall OldGod N'Zoth is the main antagonist of the expansion. He will play a major role in questing and end-game content, and is expected to be the final boss of the expansion (in a later patch).
  • Official alliance mini-iconIconSmall Anduin Anduin Wrynn becomes the King of Stormwind and leads the Alliance during N'Zoth's return. He is willing to put great changes and search for answers in defeating the Old God.
  • Official horde mini-iconIconSmall Troll Male Vol'Jin has earned the title as Warchief of the Horde and plans to repair everything that Garrosh committed. After expanding the Horde, Vol'jin leads the Horde to fight against N'Zoth and the Zoth Empire.
  • Boss 15IconSmall Garrosh Garrosh Hellscream returns for vengeance in the expansion. Ever since Vol'jin took the mantle as Warchief, Garrosh joins the Zoth Empire and would be used as the vessel of N'Zoth.
  • Official horde mini-iconIconSmall Nathanos Nathanos Marris, one of the greatest champions of the Forsaken, is expected to play a major role. Following the awakening of N'Zoth and Galen Trollbane's plan to destroy Northern Lordaeron, Nathanos forms a rebellion while gathering many Forsaken to stand against Galen and his followers.
  • Official alliance mini-iconIconSmall Jaina Jaina Proudmoore moves to the city of Dalaran to Frostland and leads the Kirin Tor to battle the Zoth Empire.
  • Boss 15IconSmall UndeadGalen Galen Trollbane becomes the leader of the Forsaken after Sylvanas Windrunner's death. However, he becomes very corrupt and plans to destroy Northern Lordaeron with a powerful nuclear bomb. He will be the first boss after players complete their quests.
  • Neutral 15IconSmall DragonBlack Wrathion returns in the expansion. Following the awakening of N'Zoth, Wrathion leads a new reformed faction called the Black Ravens and plan to fight against N'Zoth and his forces in the Dragon Isles.
  • Official alliance mini-iconIconSmall Brann Brann Bronzebeard leads a group of recruited dwarves in the Explorer's League to the Dwarven Highlands. He continues his journey in finding more secrets about the Titans and N'Zoth.
  • Boss 15IconSmall ZandalarTroll Male King Rastakhan prepares to wage an uprising against the Alliance and Horde on Zandalar. He will be the second boss of the expansion.
  • Official horde mini-iconIconSmall Rexxar Rexxar returns for a big role in the expansion. He is promoted to General after Nazgrim's death and leads his Horde forces to fight against N'Zoth.
  • Neutral 15IconSmall Pandaren Male Taran Zhu leads the Shado-Pan to aid the Alliance and Horde in finding Hellscream.
  • Official alliance mini-iconIconSmall Draenei Male Talgath makes his appearance in the expansion where he is transformed into a Draenei and becomes the leader and the new Prophet of the Naaru after Velen's death. He is expected to play a major role in the expansion.

Detailed expansion alterations/updates

Stat changes



PvE and PvP

Zones changed during Mystery of the Dark God

Eastern Kingdoms

Arathi Highlands

Modern changes have been changed ever since the cataclysm.

  • Boulder'gor - an ogre mound found north of Stromgarde Keep in the Arathi Highlands. The mound has been established by Dark trolls from the Zoth Empire where the Boulderfist Ogres are been held prison.
  • Drowned Reef - a dangerous and mysterious reef on the southern shores of Arathi Highlands. Formerly occupied by Naga, the reef has been taken by Murloc Warriors.
  • Galen's Fall - a former Forsaken camp that stood near the entrance of Thoradin's Wall. The camp had been deserted and was eventually taken by Gnolls.
  • Hammerfall - formerly one of the largest of the Alliance internment camps. The whole area has been remodeled and expanded with new structures.
  • Northfold Manor - a farm on the northwestern outskirts of the Arathi Highlands. The farm has been overrun by Gnolls while members of the Syndicate have fled and joined the Alliance.
  • Stromgarde City - formerly Stromgarde Keep, has been rebuilt and expanded by the proud heroes of the Alliance. Many that have remained shattered throughout Northern Lordaeron, including those from the Syndicate, have united to live in the city and formed the User:Spenpiano/Arathor Formation|Arathor Formation]].
    • Tower of Arathor - a tower dedicated to the study of the wizards of Arathor. The tower has been rebuilt when the Stromgarde Keep was remodeled and fully taken by the Alliance.
  • Witherbark Village - a village occupied by Forest trolls from the Witherbark tribe. After the tribe have united with other Forest troll tribes that joined the Horde, the village has been invaded by Gnolls.
  • Zul'Arga - an ancient troll city and temple that remained hidden in the mountains of the Arathi Highlands. The area has been occupied by Dark trolls from the Zoth Empire.

Dun Morogh

Much of Dun Morogh has changed when N'Zoth awakened. The Dwarves of Ironforge have found a way from King Magni Bronzebeard to transform Trogg into pure dwarves and increase the numbers.

  • Amberstill Ranch - a location in Dun Morogh on the road to Loch Modan. the ranch has been heavily remodeled with new structures.
  • Brewnall Village - a tiny dwarven village established near Gnomeregan. The villages has been remodeled and expanded with Pandaren structures.
  • Coldridge Pass - a pass that links to the rest of Dun Morogh. the collapsed tunnel has been re-opened.
  • Crushcog's Arsenal - an area in Dun Morogh between Gnomeregan and Ironforge. The arsenal has been retaken by the Gnomes.
  • Ironforge - the capital city of the dwarves, a member of the Alliance. The entire city has been heavily remodeled and expanded with newer structures.
  • Gol'Bolar Quarry - a large dig site found in southeastern Dun Morogh. The site has become a battle ground between the trogg-turned dwarves and Winterpaw Gnolls.
    • Gol'Bolar Quarry Mine - a deep mine located in the heart of Gol'Bolar Quarry. The mine has been taken by Winterpaw Gnolls.
  • Iceflow Lake - a medium-sized lake located in western Dun Morogh. The lake has been overrun by Winterpaw Gnolls.
  • Ironband's Compound - a base of operations for a band of Dark Iron Dwarves who readily assault anyone unfortunate enough to wander too close. The area has been taken by Winterpaw Gnolls.
  • Ironforge Airfield - an airfield located in a high mountain valley northeast of the dwarven capital city of Ironforge. The airfield has been remodeled and expanded with new structures and technology.
  • Kharanos - a bustling little town nestled among the mountain peaks of Dun Morogh. The town has been remodeled and expanded with new structures.
  • New Tinkertown - a small town built just outside of Gnomeregan. The town has been heavily expanded with newer structures for recruited Gnomes.


Much of Duskwood has changed after the recent events of the cataclysm. The land is beginning to heal and all the worgen from the Nightbane pack have joined the Alliance. However, the land has been infiltrated by Gnolls.

Eastern Darrowmere Forest

Formerly the Eastern Plaguelands, the whole land has been healed and trade routes were rebuilt by the Argent Dawn Remnant, the Alliance, and Horde. However, a few remnants of the Scourge still lingers around Plaguewood, The Noxious Glade, and The Fungal Vale.

Elwynn Forest

Elwynn Forest has been healed ever since the cataclysm caused a lot of damage. All the Blackrock orcs, that have tried to infiltrate the land, have left and joined the Horde at Vol'jin's request.

  • Brackwell Pumpkin Patch - was once taken by bandits. The patch has been overrun by the Kobold.
  • Eastvale Logging Camp - an area located in the far east of Elwynn Forest. The camp has fallen under attack by the Riverpaw gnolls.
  • Forest's Edge - a peninsula-like swath of forest which was taken by a group of gnolls led by Hogger. Hogger's son, Collar, has taken control over the area.
  • Goldshire - one of the largest towns in Elwynn Forest. The town has been remodeled and expanded with newer constructs and a training ground for new recruits.
  • Collar Hill - formerly Hogger Hill, has been named after the elite gnoll Collar.
  • Jerod's Landing - a boat landing on the Elwynn Forest bank of the Nazferiti River. The area is now populated with Murloc.
  • Mirror Lake - an ideal spot that was once taken by Defias bandits. The area has been infested by Riverpaw gnolls.
  • Mirror Lake Orchard - an area where the Defias Bandits had taken possession of the orchard as well as the nearby cottage. The orchard has been by Riverpaw gnolls.
  • Stormwind City - the largest city of the surviving human kingdoms remaining on Azeroth. The city is expected to make another change in the expansion. Under the rule of King Anduin Llane Wrynn, the city has been remodeled and expanded with newer structures in all the rectangular districts separated by canals.
    • Cathedral Square - named for the mighty Cathedral of Light which stands as the greatest monument to the Holy Light in Azeroth and dominates this district. The District is expected to be changed with newer structures.
    • Dwarven District - where the dwarves and gnomes of Ironforge carve a slice of Stormwind life out for themselves. The area has been remodeled and expanded with newer parts for recruited dwarves and gnomes that were once trogg and leper gnomes.
    • Highland Town - a new district that lies south of Stormwind Keep. It is the home of the Highland Vrykul that joined the Alliance.
    • Mage Quarter - a district with hundreds of mages that serve among the ranks of the Alliance. The quarter has expanded with new structures for newly recruited mages that disbanded the Twilight's Hammer Cult, Defias Brotherhood, and the Cult of the Damned.
    • New Town - formerly Old Town, has been rebuilt and expanded with newer structures.
    • Stormwind Harbor - with the access point set between the Park and Cathedral Square. The harbor has expanded with newer structures.
    • Stormwind City Outskirts -
    • Stormwind Keep - an architectural triumph that lies between the Dwarven District and Old Town. The keep has been remodeled.
    • Trade District - lies in the center of Stormwind City. The district has been remodeled and expanded with newer structures.
    • Tushui District - formerly the Park, was fully constructed by the Tushui Pandaren and the Alliance. It is expected to have a Training Ground for Tushui Trainees and newly-recruited Monks, a village, a a centered temple, a a cave, and a small forest with a lake.
    • Valley of Heroes - has changed ever since Deathwing swept over the city during the Cataclysm and caused great damage. The area has been expanded with newer parts that have never been seen throughout the game.


Things have changed ever since the cataclysm erupted and Hellscream's corruption. The undead Scourge has fled. All the remaining Forest trolls have moved to the Maisara Hills where they unite with other tribes and join forces with the Horde. The Night elves and High elves left the land when Gnolls began to appear and the Dark trolls have taken control over Zul'Aman, the capital of the Amani Empire.

  • Amani Catacombs - a series of mummy-infested forest troll crypts. Dark trolls have taken over the catacombs.
  • Andilien Estate - an abandoned building located in central Ghostlands. It has been taken by Dark trolls.
  • Andilien Estate - an abandoned building located in central Ghostlands. It has been occupied by Blood elves.
  • An'daroth - a ley-line nexus once used by the high elves of Quel'Thalas prior to the Scourge invasion located in the northwestern Ghostlands. The place has been deserted by the Night elves and eventually taken by Gnolls.
  • Bleeding Ziggurat - the site of a powerful weapon against the Scourge. The Dark trolls have taken control over the weapon.
  • Dawnstar Spire - believed to be the tower of the prominent Dawnstar family and the former residence of Dar'Khan Drathir before he turned to the Scourge. The spire has been taken by Arcanist Vandril and a group of Blood elves.
  • Deatholme - a former Scourge citadel that lies in the southwestern Ghostlands. The citadel has been taken by Dark trolls.
  • Goldenmist Village - a former high elven village before its inhabitants were slain during the coming of the Scourge. The village was destroyed and Gnoll Looters wander the area.
  • Howling Ziggurat - a ziggurat which contained an ancient artifact that could work as a weapon against the Scourge. Dark trolls have taken control over the ziggurat.
  • Shalandis Isle - a night elven outpost where Sentinel Spies planned on spying on the blood elves from the high elven moon crystals at An'owyn and An'daroth. Following N'Zoth's awakening, all the Night elves have left the isle until it was taken by Murloc Warriors and Oracles by Lurrgo.
  • Windrunner Village - a village that lies in the shadow of the great Windrunner Spire to the south, in the Ghostlands. The whole village has been destroyed and Gnoll Looters wander the area.
  • Zeb'Nowa - a former wide-stretched forest troll village in the southeastern Ghostlands.
  • Zeb'Sora - is a small forest troll village located in the northeastern Ghostlands. The village is occupied by Dark trolls.
  • Zeb'Tela - a medium-sized forest troll village in the eastern Ghostlands. The village has been taken by Dark trolls.


The land of Gilneas has been remade, thanks to Therazane the Stonemother, and the entire population of Gilneans have returned to rebuild their home. However, their land has been overrun by Gnolls that have been coming all over the Eastern Kingdoms. Most citizens have accepted their offer to become Worgen in order to be immunized by necromancy while King Genn Greymane continues to search for more that have not been cured by the curse. NPC's and new quest lines are available for all other playable Alliance races.

  • Aderic's Repose - a cemetery with a memorial hill, a gate and houses which is located outside of the city to the west and a bit to the south of Greymane Court, near Keel Harbor. After Gilneas was restored, Aderic's Repose is now crawling with Aderic Kobold Looters that are from the Horde.
  • Blackwald - a forest in southern Gilneas. The forest is expected to have dozens of critters, foxes, wolves, and Gnolls.
    • Bradshaw Mill - is the home of an old man with the same surname, Bradshaw. Now, the mill has been rebuilt by the Bradshaw family that returned to Gilneas. However, Old Man Bradshaw
    • Tal'doren - known as "the wild home", is located in the Blackwald in southern Gilneas. The area will be populated with Night elf Sentinels and Druids, including an innkeeper.
  • Duskhaven - once a small town, has been remodeled and expanded with newer structures after Gilneas was remade after the cataclysm. Now, the town has become a new starting zone for playable Worgen.
  • The Bite - a jagged reef that stretches above the shore of Gilneas. It has transformed into a small island with a couple trees where Mary Smitts and a small group of Brashtide Worgen have built a small port until they are attacked by Murloc Bite Invaders.
  • Duskhaven Forest - a new forest that borders south from Duskhaven. The forest will be crawling with critters, foxes, wolves, and gnolls that have built a few camps around the area.
    • Crowley Orchard - an apple orchard located next to the town of Duskhaven in Gilneas. Now owned by Marcus Crowley, he and his family are been overrun by Gnolls that are attacking the orchard.
    • Crowley Stable Grounds - no longer appears since the area has become a forest with critters, foxes, and wolves that now linger around the area.
  • Duskmist Shore - becomes a battleground between Worgen Farmers and Gnolls that are infiltrating the area.
  • Emberstone Village - has been retaken and expanded with newer structures by the Gilneans.
  • Gilneas City - the largest capital of the Kingdom of Gilneas. The city is expected to expand with new structures all over the districts and there will be many NPC's that reside here.
  • Greymane Manor - a palatial estate high in the hills of western Gilneas, owned by Genn Greymane and his family. After it was abandoned, a group of Forsaken infiltrated the manor.
  • Greymane Wall - has been rebuilt with the aid of the Alliance. The undead Forsaken will no longer invade.
  • Hayward Fishery - a small island that borders the coast of southwestern Gilneas which houses an abandoned fishing business. Following Gilnea's restoration, the island is taken by Hayward Murlocs.
  • Headland Forest - recently called the Headlands, the whole area has become a forest where its populated with critters, wolves, foxes, spiders, and gnolls.
  • Keel Harbor - has been remodeled with new constructions. Travel Connections are now available where a two boats can take players to Rut'theran Village and Stormwind Harbor.
  • Koroth's Den - the whole area is populated with Gnoll Infiltrators and Mystics where Koroth is held prisoner.
  • Livery Outpost - a horse stable just outside of Gilneas City, near the bridge that leads to Merchant Square. The whole stable has been remodeled with new structures after Gilneas was restored.
  • Northern Headlands - has become a forest where its inhabited with critters, hounds, foxes, wolves, and gnolls. A few gnoll camps have been constructed around the whole area and Korok is held prisoner.
  • Northgate Woods - a subzone of Gilneas. Now populated with wolves, foxes, hounds, critters, and spiders.
  • Stormglen Village - a small village south of the Blackwald in Gilneas. The village has been remodeled and expanded with new constructs by the Gilneans.
  • Tempest's Reach - a village and lighthouse on the eastern coast of Gilneas. Deathstalker Commander Belmont and group of Forsaken have taken control of the reach.

Hillsbrad Foothills

During the events of the Cataclysm, the Forsaken gained the upper hand in reclaiming the land for themselves. However, the Gilneas Liberation Front, Perenolde Legion, and Stormpike clan have started a battle and reclaimed a couple of areas that the Forsaken held. Most of the Forsaken were annihilated, and the combined forces of the Alliance were gaining the upper hand, but the land was now invaded by the Gnolls.

  • Azurelode Mine - a former Alliance zone that was infested by spiders. The mine is now populated with Azurelode Kobold Miners.
  • Brazie Farmstead - a residence that has been erected on the former location of the Lordamere Internment Camp. Harry Burlguard leads a group of soldiers to defend the Farmstead from Forsaken Footsoldiers.
  • Dun Garok - a dwarven fortress nestled into the southeastern hills of Hillsbrad Foothills. Following the awakening of N'Zoth, the fortress was retaken by the Stormpike Guard.
  • Durnholde Keep - a ruined stronghold located east of the town of Tarren Mill in the Hillsbrad Foothills. Formerly taken by the Forsaken, the combined forces of the Syndicate and the Gilnean Liberation Front have retaken the stronghold.
  • Eastern Strand - a stretch of coastline in the southeast of Hillsbrad Foothills, complementary to the Western Strand further to the west. The area has been taken by Gnolls.
  • Eastpoint Tower - a tower occupied by the Forsaken. The tower is completely destroyed by the Alliance and Gnolls now occupy the ruined area.
  • Ruins of Southshore - a former human port that was one of the last intact Alliance towns in Lordaeron. The area has become a battle zone between the Worgen, Forsaken, and Gnolls.
  • Sludgeguard Tower - a Forsaken guard tower located between the Sludge Fields and Dalaran Crater, adjacent the Brazie Farmstead. The tower is completely destroyed by the Alliance until the Gnolls have taken control over the ruined area.
  • Southpoint Gate - a Forsaken outpost which borders the entrance with Silverpine Forest. The place has been deserted when the Alliance attacked Hillsbrad.

Loch Modan

  • Ironband's Excavation Site - an extensive dwarven dig-site that was populated with Trogg. The site has been taken by Kobolds.
  • Mo'grosh Stronghold - a set of ogre-infested caves located in northeastern Loch Modan. The area has been taken by Dark trolls from the Zoth Empire while the Mo'grosh Ogres fled and sided with the Horde.
  • Stonesplinter Valley - a valley carved among the mountains in southwestern Loch Modan. The valley is now crawling with hostile Stonesplinter Gnolls.

Tirisfal Glades

The land has changed after the death of Sylvanas Windrunner and the awakening of N'Zoth. All the remaining members from the Scarlet Crusade have fled the land while many undead soldiers have been defeated by the Alliance.


New Races

  • Neutral 15 Dark elves - a sub-race of elves that have been summoned to serve N'Zoth. Along with the Dark trolls, they will be the main enemies to the Alliance and Horde.
  • Neutral 15 Dark trolls - a sub-race of trolls that have been summoned to serve N'Zoth. Along with Dark elves, they will be the main enemies to the Alliance and Horde.

Recurring races

  • Official alliance mini-icon Eredar - a race of talented magic-wielders that were corrupted by the Burning Legion. Thousands were brought and captured by the Alliance to be cured from their corruption. Playable Draenei will start as the corrupted Eredar.
  • Official horde mini-icon Fel orcs - more than thousands of these demonic humanoids have been captured by the Horde. Neeru Fireblade and Pargath Throatsplitter have have developed a cure which would turn all Fel orcs into pureblood orcs. Grillok "Darkeye" was among the first to consume the cure and was no longer corrupt. Playable Orcs will start as Fel orcs when Doctor Pargath Throatsplitter arrives to their cages and cures them.
  • Official horde mini-icon Minotaurs - a race of bull-like humanoids that never existed in the world of Azeroth. Following the awakening of N'Zoth, Minotaurs have risen and began a rampage throughout Kalimdor. However, thousands were captured and brought before the Horde since Baine Bloodhoof believed they can be saved and turned into ordinary Tauren. Playable Tauren will start as Minotaurs where they are locked in cages and transformed into ordinary Tauren by Maruff Grandhorn.
  • Official alliance mini-icon Naga - an ancient race of Kaldorei who mutated into vengeful humanoid sea serpents. Thousands have been captured and brought before the Alliance to be turned back into ordinary Night elves. Playable Night elves will start as Naga inside a cage where they are cured.

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