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World of Warcraft: The Dark Below
Dark Below
Developer(s)Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher(s)Blizzard Entertainment
Release date(s)Early or late 2014
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X

World of Warcraft: The Dark Below colloquially referred to as TDB, is the fifth expansion pack for World of Warcraft. It was officially announced on August 13th, 2013. Set primarily in a second reformed Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms on the world of Azeroth, the expansion set follows the return of the Burning Legion led by the evil Dark titan Sargeras, who is taking residence in a place where he plans to unleash chaos.

Dark Below returns players to the two continents of Azeroth for most of their campaigning, after two years away in defeating Deathwing and the southern continent of Pandaria, opening new zones such as Dark Below, Dragon Isles, and Zandalar.


From the official site:

Deep beneath Azeroth's surface, the entrance to the underground realm has been unlocked. It is called the Dark Below where its inhabited by the demons, devils and infernal creatures led by the fallen titan, Sargeras, the true creator of the Burning Legion. The Legion is not giving up in terrorizing Azeroth.

The new area reveals itself as the Alliance and Horde are preparing to make another stand against the Legion. Will they succeed in defeating the Burning Legion and Sargeras?


New zonesEdit

Starting zonesEdit

Four starting areas are available for the Forest trolls, Furbolgs, High elves, and Ogres.

Leveling zonesEdit

High-leveled zonesEdit

Dungeon, raid and scenario contentEdit

New dungeonsEdit

Classic dungeonsEdit


Factions and organizationsEdit

Numerous factions/organizations are introduced and are expected to play major roles throughout the expansion.

New Playable Race FactionsEdit

Alliance organizationsEdit

Horde organizationsEdit

Neutral organizationsEdit

Zones changed during Dark BelowEdit

Eastern KingdomsEdit

Arathi HighlandsEdit

Much of the Arathi Highlands has changed ever since the cataclysm and the discovery of Pandaria. All members of the Syndicate have aligned themselves with the Alliance while the Boulderfist ogres have joined forces with the Horde. Neutral Pandaren have now began to settle in this new land, but the whole nation is still crawling with Raptors and Spiders.


The Dwarves had constructed a bridge which connects from Loch Modan to the Badlands. Several areas in the Badlands have been overrun by the demons of the Burning Legion. The Alliance, Horde, and the Black dragonflight work together in defeating the Burning Legion. The Gnolls of the Sagepaw Legion have also infiltrated the land and have taken a few territorial spots.

Blasted LandsEdit

The Blasted Lands is still crawling with demons of the Burning Legion as they continue to corrupt the land under the command of Sargeras. All the Ogres have fled the Dreadmaul Furnace and aligned themselves with the Horde. Gnolls from the Sagepaw Legion have also invaded the land and aid the Burning Legion to annihilate the Alliance and Horde.

Dun MoroghEdit

The snowy region of Dun Morogh has changed ever since the Cataclysm happened. The Dwarven population has increased rapidly when the Dwarves found a way to transform Trogg into ordinary Dwarves. The city of Ironforge has been constructed with more settlements and structures for newly-welcomed GrummlePandaren, Vrykul, and Wolvar, that have joined the Alliance.

Eastern Darrowmere ForestEdit

Eversong WoodsEdit



Hillsbrad FoothillsEdit


Loch ModanEdit

Parts of Loch Modan have been rebuilt after the drastic cataclysm that Deathwing committed. The Great Dam of Stonewrought has been rebuilt by the dwarves of the Alliance, allowing the lake to be restored again. All of the Trogg in the area have been turned into ordinary pureblood Dwarves and added into the Alliance.

  • Ironband's Excavation Site is an extensive dwarves dig site that was invaded by hostile creatures, displacing the prospectors and miners. The whole site has become a battleground between the Dwarves and Gnolls.
    • Ironwing Cavern is a large cave that was once filled with hostile Proto-Striders and Haywire Battle-Chickens. Now, the cave is crawling with Gnolls.
  • Loch Camp, formerly known as the Twilight Camp, is now crawling with Gnolls while all members from the Twilight's Hammer clan abandoned their camp and rejoined the Alliance after the cataclysm.
  • The Loch is the single most prominent feature of the dwarven territory of Loch Modan. However, Deathwing's emergence into Azeroth resulted in the destruction of the Stonewrought Dam, draining much of the lake into the Wetlands. After the dam was fully rebuilt, the Loch has been refilled again with new water.
  • Mo'grosh Stronghold is a set of ogre-infested caves. After Cho'Gall was defeated, which resulted the end of the cataclysm, all the Ogres that dwelled in the caves have all fled and joined the Horde while the Gnolls took over.
  • Stonesplinter Valley is a valley that was crawling with hostile Stonesplinter trogg. All the Stonesplinter trogg have been captured and turned into ordinary dwarves while the Gnolls took over the valley.
  • Stonewrought Dam was built by the dwarves of Ironforge and is one of the most impressive wonders of the world. Ever since the cataclysm erupted, Stonewrought Dam has been rebuilt and occupied by the Dwarves.
  • Thelsamar is a dwarven town on the west side of Loch Modan. The town has been remodeled and expanded with newer structures.

Redridge MountainsEdit

The Redridge Mountains has changed a bit after the cataclysm ended. All the Blackrock Orcs in the land have fled the land and joined the Horde in Durotar. The Alliance has gained the upper hand in claiming a few places, but Gnolls from the Sagepaw Legion begin to launch attacks.

  • Alther's Mill is an abandoned lumber which was overrun by spiders, buzzards and the occasional stray orc. The Mill has become battleground between a group of Alliance Farmers and Gnolls that are fighting to claim the Mill.
  • Lakeridge Highway is an old highway that was originally highly traveled in the days before the First War. The Gnolls continue to to establish more camps and prepare to launch an attack on Lakeshire.
  • Lakeshire is an ancient human town that sits on the banks of the majestic and large Lake Everstill. The town has been remodeled and expanded with newer structures that the Alliance constructed.
  • Redridge Canyons is a labyrinthine network of passages nestled in the northwestern section of the Redridge Mountains. Many Gnolls have established more camps to prepare their attack on Lakeshire until the Alliance, along with the elite Ettin, battle against them.
  • Render's Camp is an orcish outpost which contained a number of powerful Blackrock orcs. All the Blackrock orcs somehow abandoned the camp and joined forces with the Horde while the Gnolls took over.
    • Render's Rock is a large cave named after Rend Blackhand and contains a number of powerful Blackrock orcs. All the Blackrock orcs seemed to have abandoned the cave after they aligned with the Horde, but the Gnolls took over the place.
  • Render's Valley is an orcish outpost which was named after Rend Blackhand and contains a number of Blackrock orcs. All the Blackrock orcs abandoned the outpost when they joined the Horde in Durotar. Now, the outpost contains a number of Gnolls that have taken control over the area.
  • Stonewatch is a human fortress which served as a defensive base in the Redrige Mountain Region from Orcish raids from the nearby Burning Steppes. The whole fortress was taken by the Blackrock clan under the leadership of their warchief Gath'Ilzogg, and his chief lieutenant, Tharil'zun. The fortress has been rebuilt and retaken by the Alliance while the Blackrock orcs abandoned the place and joined the Horde.

Searing GorgeEdit

The Searing Gorge has changed when the Dark Iron Dwarves of the Thorium Brotherhood have increased their numbers while the rest fled and joined the Anvilrage. However, the demons of the Burning Legion have arrived and plan to take power over the land.

Silverpine ForestEdit

Tirisfal GladesEdit


Westfall was once controlled by the Defias Brotherhood and was filled with many Stormwind Citizens and drifters that have become homeless and bankrupt. After Anduin Llane Wrynn becomes the King of Stormwind and all the remaining members of the Defias Brotherhood have surrendered, all the citizens and drifters were given food and wealth by their King, including the Jinyu, Pandaren, and Vrykul that have came to settle in the land.

Western Darrowmere ForestEdit

Formerly called the Western Plaguelands, Western Darrowmere Forest has been cleansed by the Scourge, but the Alliance and Horde must face against the Forsaken Renegade Front that plan to control the land and avenge Queen Sylvanas Windrunner.


The Wetlands has changed when the Alliance and Horde have occupied the nation. After Warlord Zaela's downfall, all the remaining Dragonmaw Orcs have left the Wetlands and aligned themselves with the Horde when they settled in Orgrimmar. The Alliance has gained the upper hand in retaking the nation, but this is when the demons of the Burning Legion invade the land.

New RacesEdit

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