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Another class idea. This idea is similar to the Priestess of the Moon. The Night Elves have Priests who ride around on mounts and use bows and arrows in combat. There is also a Warmage and Battlemage class. The Paladin class is also similar this but this focuses more heavily on magic whereas a Paladin focuses more heavily on physical combat. It is also similar to a Shaman.

1. A Battle-priest is a Priest who sacrifices some of their magic to be more phsyically formidable. They wear leather and in addition to using the weapons of a normal Priest they can also use shields and insteads of wands they use bows, crossbows, and guns.

2. The most likely races would be the Night Elves, since they already have the Priestesses of the Moon. Also would be humans do to having a large following to the Light and having a strong military tradition. The Draenei are also potential candidates because of being particularly close to the Light.

3. This could possibly be an Alliance exclusive class due because it's unlikely that any Alliance race would be a Necromancer. This would make the games more balanced if they did indeed decide to make the Necromancer class available.

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