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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

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The Ranger (or Scout) will be the second hero class, introduced in the Emerald Dream expansion. The class is primarily a healer and ranged damage dealer, with potential proficiencies in martial arts, crowd control, and dark magic. Rangers have the advantage of camouflage, which prevents enemies from detecting them unless they are somewhat close. All rangers have a passive run speed increase. Their abilities rely on the use of mana, and their primary attribute is intellect.



Warcraft II Elven Ranger artwork.

Rangers are devoted protectors of nature. With the growing threat of the Emerald Nightmare, skilled archers and skirmishers from all areas of Azeroth have stepped forth from their ranks, or emerged from their lives of solitude in the wilderness to take up arms with the Alliance and Horde, in order to assist Malfurion and the Cenarion Circle against this encroaching darkness.

Unlocking your RangerEdit

Players can create one ranger per realm, so long as they have a level 75+ character on any realm, and The Emerald Dream expansion activated on their account. There are no racial limitations for creating your ranger.

The ranger will start at level 75 inside the Emerald Dream with multiple spells and abilities ready to use, and a set of uncommon gear. Through the ranger-specific quests in a starting zone, the character will master the power of the ranger and learn to use this new power in the service of Cenarius. Quests will lead them to exit the Emerald Dream and emerge from a portal at the Shrine of Remulos. When you arrive in Moonglade you will have a full set of rare gear ready for Cataclysm content.


In general, the ranger can be considered a hybrid ranged class that combines damage dealing and healing, with a mixture of abilities akin to hunters, rogues, druids, priests, even death knights. They wear leather or mail armor (not yet determined which) that has caster stats, currently utilized by balance/restoration druids or elemental/restoration shamans (respectively).

Rangers use ranged weapons, such as bows and thrown weapons. Since ranged weapons have until now been typically itemized with stats useful for hunters (i.e. agility), one of the following two options will be implemented with the introduction of the ranger class:

1. All ranged weapons will have their agility removed and base weapon damage increased to compensate.

2. Rangers will have a passive skill which automatically converts all agility on their ranged weapon to intellect.

Rangers can use fist weapons, maces (one-handed or two-handed), and one-handed swords. They will have the option to choose a dual wield talent, making them the first class to dual wield caster weapons.

The camouflage ability can be used during combat, but there is a one-minute cool down. It negates a ranger's passive movement speed increase (to normal movement speed of other classes). It is also less powerful than a rogue's Stealth as the player will become visible to an enemy that gets within 10 yards. Night Elves with Shadowmeld will have a slightly more powerful camouflage. There is no extra Vanish ability for rangers.




This tree is based on the Warden and Sentinel. The Ranger switches between melee and ranged attacks for combat bonuses and survival.

  • Uses thrown weapons and dual wields maces, swords or fist weapons.
  • Bladed Cloak: ability similar to a druid's Barkskin.
  • Split Blade: magically divides thrown weapon, hitting up to four targets in front of the player.
  • Slicing Torrent: standard thrown attack
  • Lesser Shadow Strike: standard melee attack
  • Quickened Shadow Strike: ranged attack that increases thrown weapon damage for xx seconds.
  • Greater Shadow Strike: charging attack that increases melee damage for xx seconds.
  • "Blink": mix between hunter's Disengage and mage's Blink.
  • Hold Person: a stun available after blink.
  • Capture: forces a held enemy within melee range to /follow.
  • Vengeance: Creates an Avatar of Vengeance, a being of raw energy that attacks foes and in turn creates lesser Spirits of Vengeance which are very limited in power and duration, but invulnerable to attacks.


This tree is based on Dark Ranger and Farstrider. Purely ranged dps with benefits related to camouflage and dark magic.

  • Entangle: Similar to a druid's Entangling Roots.
  • Dark Arrow: Applies a debuff that increases ranged damage and if the target dies with the debuff it will turn into a skeleton minion.
  • Searing Arrow: Instant damage and applies a dot over several seconds.
  • Tornado of Arrows: Channeled; causes the caster to focus, shooting rapidly at nearby enemies for 8 sec.
  • Sniper Arrow: Increased damage, available while camouflaged and in Banshee Form.
  • Banshee Form: Chance to proc from ranged attacks, lasts xx seconds; removes threat, reduces damage taken, and allows the use of Sniper Arrow.
  • Shriek: Conal aoe, short range, causes enemies to cower in fear for a few seconds.
  • Lament: Powerful medium-duration aoe debuff with a CD.


This tree is based on Priestess of the Moon. Mostly healing and support class. Some supplemental harmful abilities.

  • Temple Strength: Heals party members by shooting them with magic arrows.
  • Sundering: Auto-shots against enemy give small heals to party members and mana regen to ranger.
  • Elune's Tears: Aoe-heal similar to druid's Starfall mechanism.
  • Serenity: Ranged aoe silence.
  • Song: Powerful medium-duration raid buff with a CD.
  • more to be added.


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