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Moved to Shu'Halo Edit

Three friends Roy, Kurt and my self are going to play on the Shu'halo, the Tauren, server. (I dont see a page for that server on the wiki). (side bar) We are all over 40 years old. I might be the oldest at 49.

We are from Harford County in Maryland, that east coast USA. (I mostly put this here for people searching. Maryland has no search hits on the wiki, until now) If we get a few more, we can make a guild.

Right now we are getting in contact with a chat group We type:

 /join strcat
 /chatlist strcat

to get that done.

Right now we are planning to play once a week Monday's starting at 1830ET. We added Thursday same time.

macros Edit

My assist macro I got from the wiki is gone. Here is my copy.

 /focus [modifier:shift]
 /stopmacro [modifier:shift]
 /assist focus

IMHO Everyone should have an Assist Key... not just the 'F' key. IMHO, You Must know when and how to Assist to work well in a group. Read the Main assist page. Do it now!

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