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TeaSippinJoe is a new guy to WOWWIKI, but is eager to learn and help to support WOWWIKI. His main toon on WOW is Maiggasha who is a 51 Dwarf Hunter. He does have other toons, like Rhaepius his 20 Draenie Mage. Maiggasha is a Major in the Guild Knights of War. Maiggasha is always willing to help people out especially guildies. He is an avid supporter of the Alliance, and will crush Horde without mercy at the slightest chance he gets. He specializes in Gnomish Engineering.

TeaSippinJoes Favorite quote is "Knowledge is Power" by Sir Frances Bacon.

A quote of his own is "With Great Knowledge, Comes Great Power, and With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

There isn't much else to say about TeaSippinJoe at the moment, except that he will see you on WOWWIKI.

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