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This is a guide for players looking to start a twink and wanting to know the best gear

Rogue GearEdit

Lets start with everyones favorite; the Rogue the rogue is a great twinking class for its high DPS Crit chance and dodge chance

Helm: Lucky Fishing Hat

Shoulders: Talbar Mantle

Cloak: Sentry Cloak +3 Agility

Chest: Tunic of Westfall +100 HP enchant or +4 stats

Bracers: Forest Leather Bracers +9 stamina Enchant

Gloves: Rigid Glovesof the monkey +15 agility enchant

Belt: Deviate Scale Belt

Boots: Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots +12 agility enchant/minor speed enchant

Rings: Two of these Meadow Ringof eluding

Neck: Sentinel's Medallion

Trinkets: Two of these Arena Grand Master

A sword rogue will want a build of 5/5/0 and these two weapons

Shadowfang +15 agility enchant

Cruel Barb +15 agility enchant

A dagger rogue will want two:

Assassin's Blade +15 agility enchant

well thats the rogue more classes coming soon!

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