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HordeNPC 32  Rekuiem Jenkins
RaceHalf Elf
Talent SpecDemonology
ProfessionsMining and Tailor
RealmBlade's Edge EU


Current StatusEdit

Rekueim Jenkins is a Half Elven Warlock currently in service to the Horde.


Rekuiem has a troubled past. Born to Laura Jenkins (A Human) and Veryan Blazefeather (A High Elf), The conditions with which she were conceived were of a difficult nature and as such Veryan was killed because of it. Upon Rekuiems birth Laura's father Lairion Jenkins thought his daughter too young to be given the responsibility of raising a child when she herself was only 17 years of age.

To relieve his daughter of the burden of parenthood at such an age he left Rekuiem in the care of friends he had within the high elven community of Eversong. Though it appeared a bright future was ahead of Rekuiem everything changed when the Undead Scourge entered into Eversong. To save the now 6year old Rekuiem from eternal damnation her adopted parents hid her within a safe spot.

After the wake of the devastation the scourge left a young Tauren Adventure was exploring the lands of the eastern kingdom only to be shocked at the destruction wrought about by the undead hordes. After finding his way into Eversong he heard crying near a burnt out building. Searching endlessly for the crying he came upon Rekuiem huddled in the spot she had been left in. In was on this day her life would take a turn for the better.


- Grand Parents

Lairion Jenkins

Sarah Jenkins

- Parents

Veryan Jenkins

Laura Jenkins


Armory Page - [1]

Achievements Edit

Although Rekuiem only began her journey when the Horde first entered Northrend to stop the Lich King, she has compiled some impressive Feats of Strength:

- Reclaimed the sacred blade Quel'Delar and restored it within the Sunwell.

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