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A Troubled Beggining Edit

The massacre Edit

Bloodwraith Chup'Aki has a troubled history, and even himself is unaware of much of his early days, like his original human name. During the Second Great War, while still a mere 5 months old, Bloodwraith's village was raided by the Blackrock Clan, leaving but ashes in its place. Miraculously, Bloodwraith survived wrapped in a mantle, and was found near his slain mother's corpse shortly after the raid. Ironically, his saviours were not humans, dwarves or even elves, but orcs.

The Storming Blade Clan Edit

When Bloodwraith's village was still engulfed by flames and the fresh smell of burning flesh filled the air, the brave Storming Blade clan passed by while marching to crush an invading ogre menace to the north of their encampment. While performing the customary resource scavenging activities, young Marrh'Gul, a brave female orc warrior, found the mantle containing the starving and frightened baby that fate had spared. Marrh'Gul could have smashed the human's skull with her bare hands, yet she couldn't bring herself to do so - so small, so defenseless... She decided to take the baby along, not before having to smash a grunt's face in, since he was willing to do what she would not.

Attracted by the commotion in turn of the young female, Chieftain Zharr'Mokh, the Decider approached her, only to be amazed by such a rare vision - an orc defending a human baby with her life. At the sight of her trusted leader, Marrh'Gul begged for the toddler's life, swearing to teach the diminute human in the ways of the clan. Impressed by her strength of will (and physical strength as well - 7 grunts lay on the floor by the time he arrived), Zharr'Mokh agreed. The baby became Chup'Aki, which means Son of Man in the Storming Blade's tribal dialect.

Growing Up With The Clan Edit

A human growing up among orcs was, obviously, not too well accepted by many of the orcs, whose hate towards the flimsy hairless race prevented them from seeing the notorious praise young Chup'Aki was receiving form the clan's elders due to his fast evolution as a warrior, and to his feats in training, defeating orcs more than twice his size with his quick thought, courage and cunning tactics.

Young Chup'Aki never questioned his role among the orcs, yet the question about his origins was unavoidable. When asked about where he had come from, Marrh'Gul could do no more than tell him the truth, yet she knew not who had brought such havoc and destruction upon the unsuspecting village in which he was born. Doubt would prevail in the young warrior's mind until years later.

When he had turned 19, he was put in charge of a scout squad. Many of his soldiers were his childhood friends, and mutual trust wasn't questioned. Chup'Aki had grown to be a strong human, skilled with axe and blade, and a natural leader in the battlefield, claiming dozens of troll and ogre heads and defeating the most savage beasts.

The First Human Encounter And the Loss Of the Clan Edit

During a simple reconaissance mission in Redridge, Chup'Aki saw the first humans since he was a baby - Defias mercenaries attempted to raid their camp and, taken by surprise - more due to being humans than the attack itself - Chup'Aki saw Thorg'Zul, his childhood friend fall under the blow of a treacherous dagger, struck from behind. Moved by anger and gried, Chup'Aki charged the unexpecting Defias. Their surprise in seeing a human in orc armor didn't last: they were mercilessly gutted by the enraged warrior. Their cries of agony did little to pacify Chup'Aki: hatred for mankind was now a part of his being.

Mourning the loss of Thorg'Zul was the least of Chup'Aki's troubles, for when returning to the Storming Blades' base camp, he found what he could not conceive: the charred remains of his camp and the corpses of his friends, his family, lay before him and his squad. Here began the series of events that made humans call him Bloodwraith, for he could find no other responsible faction for such grotesque massacre. No one could tell that the revolting dragons that had severed from the Dragonmaw clan had been the ones to attack the noble Burning Blade clan.

Bloodwraith Is Born Edit

Joining The Blackrock Clan Edit

Again without a home, but far more capable than before, Chup'Aki took his mates and joined the Blackrock Clan - such irony. The Son of Man was already well known, and his killing of other humans consolidated his reputation within their ranks. Shortly after his arrival, Chup'Aki started leading campaigns against human fortifications. No one knew his face, for the very few that were ever allowed to live to serve as emissaries saw only a dark helm and the blazing eyes underneath it, but his name came to be known and, with that, all sorts of rumors: some claimed he was the incarnation of a demon, others that he was an abomination, a hybrid of man and orc, others claimed that he was a dark avatar sent to destroy the Alliance - exaggeration was, of course, a constant in such stories.

The Slayer of Rulers Edit

Many a campaign was performed by the merciless Chup'Aki and his squads, any many adventures were spent with the remaining Storming Blade survivors fighting by his side, the most notorious of which was the series of raids in Arathi region, ultimately resulting in the fall of many human positions. Chup'Aki's ruthles nature and savage killing on the battlefield didn't hinder his commitment to the ways of the warrior, and the honor code he pledged his loyalty to, yet that was of little importance to humans, who had baptized the unusual enemy Bloodwraith.

Feared and at the same time revered by his foes, Chup'Aki's restlessness concerning his origins never truly faded, and he couldn't help wondering if the falling foes would be able to, somehow, enlighten him. That would have to wait though, for his thirst for the cries of the falling and the agonizing stare of those who fell under his savage blows had to be quenched. Many an Alliance assassin was gutted and sent back after multiple failed attempts to sneakily dispose of the bloodthirsty threat, and the Magistrate himself was terminated summarily by Bloodwraith, who disposed of his entire personal guard as well - the legend grew further when Master Templar, Lord Farethor, was sent back to his monastery lifeless and burning, dragged by his own horse: challenging the "orc-tainted brute" was the last arrogant gesture he would ever make.

Switching Sides Edit

Unpredictable friends - Unkown and Ulua Edit

A bitter farewell to his old friends marked Bloodwraith's departure to lead a campaign in Grim Batol. Rebellious trolls had become far more than a mere nuisance and swift and decisive action was required. As in many other occasions, Chup'Aki was the one selected to "pacify" the insurgents.

A month had passed and the uprising was all but utterly smashed under Chup'Aki's forces precise and brutal attacks, and everything seemed to calm down for a while, but the trolls would give place to humans as the new foes - and humans had brought a new helper along: a young elf girl was within their ranks. Sent to retrieve a powerful artifact, the Orb of Decaying Souls, under the custody of Chup'Aki's forces, the party led by Unkown ventured into Grim Batol.

The bloody battle the followed saw both commanders hack through the enemy forces as if they were breaking flimsy canes, until the innevitable happened: they met on the battlefield; time itself seemed to stop and no longer could the cries of the dying be heard: a battle of titans was to take place.

Bloodwraith rejoiced - at last a foe that seemed worthy of his true valor. After galantly saluting one another, they clashed in battle, and what savage battle it was. After a seemingly unending period of balance, Bloodwraith's sheer power and anger gave him the advantage, striking Unkown in the shoulder, and if it weren't for Unkown's excellent plate, his arm would have been ripped off. As Bloodwraith prepared to put an end to his honorable opponent, a cry echoed through the air, and roots emerged from the ground impeding his progression towards the now unarmed foe. Ulua's voice was heard, and the true purpose of Unkown and Ulua's errand was finally made clear. Bloodwraith could have struggled and finally ripped the roots to shreds, but there was something mysterious telling him he should listen to the pointy-eared girl that approached him.

Bloodwraith was filled with awe and revolt as a celestial voice spoke through Ulua's mouth, telling him about the true slayers of his family, and of his orc friends. The voice spoke the truth, and it was all clear to Chup'Aki. Unkown, now recovered, noticed the dismay in Bloodwraith's eyes, and saw no further intent of continuing the duel there: for the first time in his life, Chup'Aki did not want to slay the human and engaged in conversation, speaking common, yet with a strong, strange accent.

From this talk, respect towards Unkown's bravery and honor was born, and friendship followed. Impressed by Unkown's loyalty to the Code - he could have simply slain him while distracted by Ulua's magic, - Bloodwraith offered his blade whenever he would need it.

Vengeance Edit

It was now clear whose throat had to be cut to silence the voices of the unavenged. After parting with Unkown and Ulua, Bloodwraith returned to Blackrock, not in triumph, not to receive honor from them, but to claim the head of the raiders that lied to him and hid the truth for all those years.

One by one, they fell. With every death, Bloodwraith's savage cries of victory were heard. The remaining warriors were bound to watch, for vengeance was a right of the offended, and there was much to atone for. As the nearly insane officer struck the last raider, his blood-red eyes turned to the raid leader, Fhorr'Ghal. A fierce duel took place, and even as he dodged his foe's blows, Bloodwraith coveted his sword - the Nightblade. As time passed, the desperate Fhorr'Ghal attempted to invoke the sword's dark power to turn the tide, yet even darkness refused to deny Bloodwraith vengeance. Wielding Kang, the Decapitator (proudly won during his many campaigns), Bloodwraith had his revenge, slicing Fhorr'Ghal in half with a savage blow. Justice had been served - for now. To this day, Fhorr'Ghal's Nightblade is one of Chup'Aki's most treasured trophies, and a proud tribute to his fallen clan.

The Royal Knights Edit

After his bitter victory against the fouls raiders, Bloodwraith became a mercenary, working alongside with humans, even though his hatred for his own race would take long to fade, and while some were certain that he was the one leading orc forces, no none ever dared to ask.

A few months passed when Bloodwraith was summoned to meet Unkown in Stormwind. By now, his name had changed to Bloodwraith Chup'Aki, and few were the ones brave enough to ask the reason of an orcish surname, although Bloodwraith never made it a secret.Humans had understood that he was no longer a threat (unless someone was suficiently imprudent to challenge or insult him), so his arrival to Stormwind was noticed, but not feared.

Unkown spoke of the Prophecy to his long time friend, and of his need of Bloodwraith's services as his second in command of a new Elite force, the Royal Knights. Aware of the importance of such task, Bloodwraith would not refuse the loyalty he pledged to Unkown, thus joining the Royal Knights, where he proudly fights alongside his friends and teaches the uprising warriors the true ways of the Code.

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