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Leveling Cooking for AltsEdit

Sucks! You might be questing, picking flowers, mining rocks, skinning beasts, but do you really have the patience to grind for meat, clams, and fish when leveling an alt? No.

Use a PantryEdit

One toon should have a guild bank of two tabs for storing cooking mats as they level. Got some Red Wolf, Zesty Clam, or Raptor Ribs? Save them in the pantry for later. Made up some Spider Sausages? Store them too, and always enjoy some food buffs.

Skill Up in BulkEdit

When you can, use any materials you have to boost ALL toons up to same level. Give five toons one skill point instead of five points to one. This means eventually you can ignore items of certain levels, as they will no longer give you any benefit. Skip the pantry and sell ... or, save two stacks for transfer to another realm in the future!

Fast Leveling in NovemberEdit

Get to skill 300 (maybe 355) using Pilgrim's Bounty world event. This is very cheap because you will not need Bear Flank or Sandworms or rare fish to get from 275 to 300.
From a vendor, get the Inv misc book 09 [Bountiful Cookbook]) to learn five recipes. Use Inv misc note 01 [Recipe: Spice Bread Stuffing] from level 1 until green (60 to 70). From 100 to 300 is easy, just make 60 to 70 each of Inv misc note 01 [Recipe: Pumpkin Pie](100-165), Inv misc note 01 [Recipe: Cranberry Chutney] (160-225), Inv misc note 01 [Recipe: Candied Sweet Potato] (220-285), Inv misc note 01 [Recipe: Slow-Roasted Turkey](280-330). A toon level 55 or higher can get next rank of cooking at 275 in Shattrath or Dalaran then grind mounds of turkeys, cook em and get to 355.

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