The Wolves were founded in the summer of 2005 for the advancement of all young hordesmen and women. We work together as a true pack making sure all of the younger pups are able to grow into healthy and strong wolves themselves. The Pack Leader, known as Alpha Wolf Bowlin, is the origional founder of the Wolves.

The Wolves seperate themselves from other guilds for the fact that we're based on the principle of brotherhood. The Pack should not grow to be as big as other guilds out there, for it will wear down the bonds made between pack members.

The Ranking system used is setup in a way that is fair and reflects lvl and RP status in the Wolves. For example, the Rank of "Pup" is the first rank. To move up the line to become a full wolf, one must stay a member of the pack for 10 days and prove that they are wolf material.

For more information about The Wolves of Kalimdor, anyone is more than welcome to speakeither Bowlin himself or one of the Beta Wolves (officers).

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