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CombatMobElite 32 Valiona
Race Twilight dragon (Dragonkin)
Level  ?? Boss
Health 32,209,000 (10-player mode) 97,000,000 (25-man)
Location The Twilight Enclave, Bastion of Twilight
Status Killable
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Theralion and Valiona make up the second boss encounter in Bastion of Twilight. The two dragons seem to be brother and sister. It should be noted that this is the same Valiona that is encountered in Grim Batol, where she abandons Drahga Shadowburner, leaving him to die within the dungeon while she escapes. It should also be noted that Valiona is the consort of Deathwing's son, Nefarian.[citation needed]


Valiona and Theralion share a HP pool, but threat is separate. They do not reset upon landing or taking off.



  • Spell fire twilightnova   [Blackout]ω ϖ—Inflicts 341250 to 358750 Shadow damage to enemies within 8 yards, splitting damage to all targets of the Blackout.
  • Spell fire twilightflamebreath   [Devouring Flames]ω ϖ—Inflicts 40,000 Shadow damage to enemies in front of Valiona. Devouring Flames inflicts less damage to enemies the farther away they are from Valiona.


  • Spell fire twilightflamebreath   [Deep Breath]ω ϖ—Valiona takes a deep breath and begins to cast Twilight Flames which inflict 14,625 to 15,375 Shadow damage per second and send the target into the Twilight Realm!
  • Spell fire twilightpyroblast   [Twilight Meteorite]ω ϖ—Debuff placed on a random player, after 6 seconds inflicts 117,000 to 123,000 Shadow damage to enemies within 8 yards, splitting damage to nearby enemies.



  • Spell holy consumemagic   [Engulfing Magic]ω ϖ—The Engulfing Magic increases damage and healing done by 100% and causes you to inflict Shadow damage equal to the damage or healing you do to allies within 10 yards, but does not harm you.


  • Spell fire twilightpyroblast   [Dazzling Destruction]ω ϖ—Causes swirling ground effects to appear, five seconds after appearing 487500 to 512500 shadow damage to every player within the blast zone.
  • Spell fire twilightflamestrike   [Twilight Blast]ω ϖ—The Twilight Blast inflicts 29250 to 30750 Shadow damage to enemies within 8 yards of the target.


Phase 1: Valiona grounded, Theralion airborne.

Theralion will fly into the air when pulled, Valiona will melee players. Players should be in a tight circle around Valiona so as to run through her when she casts Devouring Flames. Players need to spread out for Twilight Blast, but quickly group up when Blackout is cast so it can be safely dispelled.

Creating a designated point to collapse on to for Blackout helps. Blackout should be dispelled as quickly as possible after raiders collapse onto each other. Roughly 10 seconds after Blackout is cast, Devouring Flames will begin. Valiona will always cast Blackout first and alternate between Devouring Flames/Blackout until Theralion becomes active.

After two Blackouts Theralion will cast Dazzling Destruction. After three waves he will land and Valiona will take off. You will receive two Blackouts in the first round, and three blackouts in subsequent rounds. The third can come during dazzling destruction.

Phase 2: Valiona airborne, Theralion grounded.

Players should form a melee camp underneath Theralion's tail and a ranged camp so that Twilight Meteorite does not kill anyone.The ranged camp will need a direction to strafe in to avoid Fabulous Flames. Players who receive Engulfing Magic debuff should move into the space between the range/melee groups so as to avoid spreading damage to the raid. Moving in between the groups allows healers to still reach them, unless forced to stay due to being the target of a Twilight Meteorite in which case they should stop all casting.

After two Engulfing Magics Valiona will take a deep breath and fill one third of the room with flames. This occurs in an identical fashion to Felmyst in Sunwell Plateau. The flames will appear on either the North, South or Central area of the room. It helps to have a designated person call out where the flames will be.

It is recommended to use BL/Heroism if available when one of the DPS receives the Engulfing Magic debuff. After Deep Breath Valiona will land, Theralion will take off and the fight will reset to phase 1. Enrage timer is 10 minutes.

Recommended raid makeup 1 tank, 3 heals, any dps. Dot classes excel at this fight via multi-dotting.



  • How dare you call me worthless?! You will see why I am mother's favoured child!
Dazzling Destruction
  • You are not the boss of me Valiona! I will engulf as I please!
Engulfing Magic
  • Bare your SOUL to me, mortal!
Killing a player
  • Writhe in AGONY!
  • Theralion cackles maniacally.
  • There is no escape from the fury of the Twilight Flight!
  • I knew I should have stayed out of this...


  • You are worthless Theralion!
  • Enter TWILIGHT!
Deep Breath
  • Theralion! I will engulf the Hallway! Cover their escape!
Killing a player
  • Breathe your dying breath!
  • At least Theralion dies with me...


Normal Mode

Heroic Mode

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Patch changesEdit

  • Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.6 (8-Feb-2011):
    • The overhead arrow spell animation caused by Valiona's Twilight Meteorite ability shouldn't clip into the affected character while animating.
    • The corpses of Valiona and Theralion will adhere to the laws of gravity and fall to the ground if killed during phase transitions.
    • Immunities no longer port players out of the Twilight Realm.
    • The damage dealt by Twilight Sentries on Heroic difficulty has been reduced.
    • Valiona's Devouring Flame damage has been reduced by 20%
  • WoW Icon 16x16  Hotfix (2010-12-21):
    • Valiona's Blackout can no longer be absorbed by Grounding Totem or reflected. Its healing absorption effect has also been increased for 10-player normal difficulty.
    • Valiona will now prioritize taking flight and interrupt Devouring Flames if it's cast during a transition.
  • Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added.

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