Venomous Wounds

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Venomous Wounds
Ability rogue venomouswounds
  • Venomous Wounds (Passive)
  • Passive
  • Each time your Rupture or Garrote deals damage to an enemy that you have poisoned, you have a 75% chance to deal X additional Nature damage and to regain 10 Energy. Garrote will not trigger this effect if the enemy is also afflicted by your Rupture.

    If an enemy dies while afflicted by your Rupture, you regain energy proportional to the remaining Rupture duration.
Usable by
Level required50

Venomous Wounds is a passive rogue ability learned at level 50 for those with the Assassination specialization. Working in conjunction with [Rupture] and [Garrote], it has a high chance to deal additional nature damage and restore a small amount of energy.

Notes Edit

  • Garrote will not trigger the effect if Rupture is on the target.
  • If the target dies while Rupture is active, energy returned is proportional to the remaining duration of Rupture.

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