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Venture Bay
Venture Bay

Venture Bay [17.9, 74.9] is a harbor located in the small southwestern coastal area of Grizzly Hills, Northrend. The harbor is being used by the Venture Co., but appears to be a center of conflict between Alliance and Horde over access to this port - scouts from the Westfall Brigade Encampment for the Alliance and Conquest Hold for the Horde are engaged in constant battle.[1]

Strangely enough, there are a couple of icebergs in the fatigue zone south of Venture Bay that can be accessed, but fatigue is still activated.

PvP Edit

The Venture Bay lighthouse is located in the very south end of the bay. It is caught through PvP means similar to the Broken Hill, The Stadium and The Overlook in Hellfire Peninsula. The faction in control is given access to the daily PvP quest Official alliance mini-icon [74 Daily] Riding the Red Rocket/Official horde mini-icon [74 Daily] Riding the Red Rocket and the NPC who trades Venture Coins for gear.

Notable NPCs Horde 15Edit

Notable NPCs Alliance 15Edit

Videos Edit

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References Edit

  1. ^ Official alliance mini-icon [74 DailyKeep Them at Bay or Official horde mini-icon [74 DailyKeep Them at Bay

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