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'''/wd auto [1/0]''' - Toggle auto-swapping
'''/wd auto [1/0]''' - Toggle auto-swapping
== Optionally Implements ==
#[[Titan Panel]] - A Bar and Menu framework for WoW mods.
#[[Khaos]] (For GUI options) - A configuration framework for WoW mods (new gui).
#[[ColorCycle]] - A UI element color control tool for WoW mods.
#[[MobileMinimapButtons]] - Shift-drag buttons around the minimap at a constant radius.
== Embedded/Required Dependencies ==
#[[WearMe]] - Used for equipment swapping
#[[Chronos]] - Used to trigger UNIT_AURA events after they fire in bursts, rather than execute the code every time
#[[IsMounted]] - Used to detect mounted state
== Conflicts ==
:[[TitanRider]] and the Wardrobe 'auto-equip on mount' conflict with each other. You can disable TitanRider by removing TitanRider.xml from Titan.toc
== Credits ==
== Credits ==

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Description Edit

Wardrobe is an addon allows you define up to 30 distinct equipment profiles (called "outfits") and lets you switch among them on the fly. For example, you can define a Normal Outfit that consists of your regular equipment, an Around Town Outfit that consists of what you'd like to wear when inside a city or role-playing, a Stamina Outfit that consists of all your best +stam gear, etc. You can then switch amongst these outfits using a simple slash chat command (/wardrobe wear Around Town Outfit), using a small interactive button docked beneath your radar (Moveable), or define hotkeys in key configuration.

Also see: ChangeLog

Note: There are a few forks of Wardrobe. This page is for "Wardrobe-AL" which continued from "Wardrobe-lix" which continued from Cragganmore's original version. There is also an AceWardrobe fork still being maintained separately.

Screen Shots Edit


Wardrobe Management Screen


Outfit Config Screen (Modified Charcter Screen)


Outfit Selection Screen

Slash Commands Edit

/wd - help

/wd list - List your outfits

/wd wear <name> - wear <name> outfit

/wd reset - erase all outfits

/wd <lock/unlock> - For moving Button/Menu.

/wd <click/mouseover> - For method of displaying menu.

/wd scale <0.5-1.0> - For scaling the DropDown Menu.

/wd auto [1/0] - Toggle auto-swapping

Credits Edit

Wardrobe v1.4-AL and greater was written by AnduinLothar/User:KarlKFI

Wardrobe v1.21-lix -> v1.3.1-lix was written by Miravlix

Wardrobe v1.21 and lower was written by Cragganmore

Screenshots and FuBar Plugin by Nemes.

Standalone URL Edit

Curse-gaming: Wardrobe-AL

WoW Interface: Wardrobe-AL

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