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Stalwart protectors who use a shield to safeguard themselves and their allies.
- Official description
Stat priority
  • Hit (until 7.5%) / Expertise (until 15%)
  • Mastery
  • Parry / Dodge

Shield Slam


Shield Block

Icon Ability Min Level
Inv shield 05 [Shield Slam] 10
Inv helmet 21 [Unwavering Sentinel] 10
Spell shadow charm [Vengeance] 10
Ability defend [Shield Block] 18
Inv sword 11 [Devastate] 26
Ability warrior revenge [Revenge] 30
Spell holy ashestoashes [Last Stand] 38
Icon Ability Min Level
Warrior talent icon bloodandthunder [Blood and Thunder] 46
Ability warrior swordandboard [Sword and Board] 50
Ability warrior warcry [Demoralizing Shout] 56
Ability warrior stalwartprotector [Ultimatum] 58
Ability warrior shieldguard [Bastion of Defense] 60
Ability warrior criticalblock [Mastery: Critical Block] 80
Inv shield 07 [Shield Barrier] 81

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