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Alliance 32 Wayward Landing
Race(s) IconSmall Draenei Male IconSmall Draenei Female  Draenei
IconSmall Dwarf Male IconSmall Dwarf Female  Dwarf
IconSmall Gnome Male IconSmall Gnome Female  Gnome
IconSmall Human Male IconSmall Human Female  Human
IconSmall Worgen Male IconSmall Worgen Female  Worgen
LocationSouthwestern Jade Forest, Pandaria
Facilities Undone Inn           Done Mailbox

Undone Stables    Done Anvil & Forge

Undone Bank        Undone Auction House
Travel Done Flight Master Undone Mass-transit
Done Portal
Sources: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria β

The Wayward Landing is where the Alliance fleet and, later, a squadron of bombers crashes after being attacked by the Horde. The Landing is located in the far southwest of the Jade Forest upon the Silken Shore and borders the Veridian Grove.

The Alliance fleet was successful in rescuing the "White Pawn" from the Horde, but were then pursued and fired upon. In the ensuing naval battle, they were forced to enter dense fog for cover, fog that surrounded the continent of Pandaria. Admiral Taylor managed to get off one garbled transmission to Stormwind City. In response, Stormwind sends a flight of stealth bombers. The bombers also encounter the Horde and are fired upon, crashing in the same area.

This is the Alliance introductory area for Pandaria.


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