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Logged in during WoW's 4th Anniversary.

WoW's 4th Anniversary is a Feat of Strength for being an account holder at midnight 23 November 2008.

In the mail is an email from The WoW Dev Team entitled WoW's 4th Anniversary! containing a [Baby Blizzard Bear] companion.

The mail reads as follows:

WoW's 4th Anniversary!

Did you know that the World of Warcraft is now four years old?

We wanted to send you something to say thanks for sharing this game with us. Sure, the 4th anniversary present is traditionally "flowers"... but in WoW, it's "bear."

With that said, please accept this furry little friend! Just remember to hold his fish by the tail, not the body... that mouth is bigger than it looks.

The WoW Dev Team

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