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Racee Subtype Specific
Aqir Nerubian Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall Nerubian
Qiraji General
{{RaceIcon|Qiraji|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Qiraji|Female}}
IconSmall Qiraji Male IconSmall Qiraji Female
Qiraji emperor
IconSmall QirajiEmperor
Qiraji prophet
IconSmall QirajiProphet
Cenarion Cenarius's children General
{{RaceIcon|Cenarian|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Cenarian|Female}}
IconSmall Cenarian Male IconSmall Cenarian Female
Crystal dryad Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall CrystalDryad
Frost nymph Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall FrostNymph
{{RaceIcon|Centaur|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Centaur|Female}}
IconSmall Centaur Male IconSmall Centaur Female
Dwarves Dark Iron dwarf
{{RaceIcon|DarkIron|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|DarkIron|Female}}
IconSmall DarkIron Male IconSmall DarkIron Female
Earthen, southern
IconSmall EarthenSouth
Earthen, northern
IconSmall EarthenNorth
Frost dwarf Wrath-Logo-Small
{{RaceIcon|FrostDwarf|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|FrostDwarf|Female}}
IconSmall FrostDwarf Male IconSmall FrostDwarf Female
Iron dwarf Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall IronDwarf
Wildhammer dwarf
{{RaceIcon|Wildhammer|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Wildhammer|Female}}
IconSmall Wildhammer Male IconSmall Wildhammer Female
Draenei Broken draenei Bc icon
IconSmall Broken Male
Draenei child Bc icon
{{RaceIconExt|Draenei Boy}}
IconSmall Draenei Boy
{{RaceIconExt|Draenei Girl}}
IconSmall Draenei Girl
Eredar Bc icon
{{RaceIcon|Eredar|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Eredar|Female}}
IconSmall Draenei Male IconSmall Draenei Female
Lost One
IconSmall LostOne
Elves Blood elf child Bc icon
{{RaceIconExt|BloodElf Boy}}
IconSmall BloodElf Boy
{{RaceIconExt|BloodElf Girl}}
IconSmall BloodElf Girl
Felblood elf Bc icon
{{RaceIcon|FelbloodElf|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|FelbloodElf|Female}}
IconSmall FelbloodElf Male IconSmall FelbloodElf Female
{{RaceIcon|Highborne|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Highborne|Female}}
IconSmall Highborne Male IconSmall Highborne Female
High elf General - High elf
{{RaceIcon|HighElf|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|HighElf|Female}}
IconSmall High Elf Male IconSmall High Elf Female
{{RaceIconExt|HighElf Male Alt}}
IconSmall HighElf Male Alt
Wretched Bc icon
IconSmall Wretched
Faceless one Wrath-Logo-Small General
IconSmall FacelessOne
Faceless general
IconSmall FacelessGeneral
Merciless one
IconSmall MercilessOne
Furbolg General
IconSmall Furbolg
Polar furbolg Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall DireFurbolg
Gnomes Leper gnome
{{RaceIcon|LeperGnome|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|LeperGnome|Female}}
IconSmall LeperGnome Male IconSmall LeperGnome Female
Sand gnome Bc icon
IconSmall SandGnome
Goblin Cataclysm-Logo-Small Goblin Children
{{RaceIconExt|Goblin Boy}}
IconSmall Goblin Boy
{{RaceIconExt|Goblin Girl}}
IconSmall Goblin Girl
IconSmall Gilgoblin
IconSmall Hobgoblin
Humans Human Children
{{RaceIconExt|Human Boy}}
IconSmall Human Boy
{{RaceIconExt|Human Girl}}
IconSmall Human Girl
{{RaceIcon|Cultist|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Cultist|Female}}
IconSmall Cultist Male IconSmall Cultist Female
Kobold General - Kobold
IconSmall Kobold
Snobold Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall Snobold
Mantid Mists-Logo-Small General - Mantid
IconSmall Mantid
Mantid Queen
IconSmall MantidQueen
Murlocs Murloc
{{RaceIconExt|Murloc|Male}} / {{RaceIconExt|Murloc|Female}}
IconSmall Murloc Male IconSmall Murloc Female
Murloc Children
{{RaceIconExt|Murloc Baby}}
IconSmall Murloc Baby
Deep sea murloc Cataclysm-Logo-Small
IconSmall DeepSeaMurloc
Gorloc Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall Gorloc
Naga General
{{RaceIcon|Naga|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Naga|Female}}
IconSmall Naga Male IconSmall Naga Female
Naga anomaly Bc icon
IconSmall NagaLord
Naga sea witch Bc icon
IconSmall NagaSeaWitch
Ogres General - Ogre
{{RaceIcon|Ogre|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Ogre|Female}}
IconSmall Ogre Male IconSmall Ogre Female
{{RaceIconExt|Ogre Male2}}
IconSmall Ogre Male2
Ogre lord Bc icon
IconSmall OgreLord
Ogre mage
{{RaceIconExt|Ogre Mage}}
IconSmall Ogre Mage
{{RaceIconExt|Ogre Mage2}}
IconSmall Ogre Mage2
Orcs Dire orc Cataclysm-Logo-Small
IconSmall DireOrc
Dragonmaw Cataclysm-Logo-Small
{{RaceIcon|Dragonmaw|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Dragonmaw|Female}}
IconSmall Dragonmaw Male IconSmall Dragonmaw Female
Fel orc Bc icon
{{RaceIcon|FelOrc|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|FelOrc|Female}}
IconSmall FelOrc Male IconSmall FelOrc Female
Fel-sworn Bc icon
IconSmall Fel-sworn
Mag'har Bc icon
{{RaceIcon|Mag'har|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Mag'har|Female}}
IconSmall Mag'har Male IconSmall Mag'har Female
Mag'har child Bc icon
{{RaceIconExt|Mag'har Boy}}
IconSmall Mag'har Boy
{{RaceIconExt|Mag'har Girl}}
IconSmall Mag'har Girl
Orc child
{{RaceIconExt|Orc Boy}}
IconSmall Orc Boy
{{RaceIconExt|Orc Girl}}
IconSmall Orc Girl
IconSmall Pandaren
{{RaceIconExt|Pandaren|Female}} / {{RaceIconExt|Pandaren|Male}}
IconSmall Pandaren Female IconSmall Pandaren Male
Pandaren child
{{RaceIconExt|Pandaren Boy}}
IconSmall Pandaren Boy
{{RaceIconExt|Pandaren Girl}}
IconSmall Pandaren Girl
Sporeling Bc icon General
IconSmall Sporeling
IconSmall Sporelok
Tauren Taunka Wrath-Logo-Small
{{RaceIconExt|Taunka|Male}} / {{RaceIconExt|Taunka|Female}}
IconSmall Taunka Male IconSmall Taunka Female
Taunka/Tauren child
{{RaceIconExt|Tauren Baby}}
IconSmall Tauren Baby
Yaungol Mists-Logo-Small
IconSmall Yaungol
Troggs General
IconSmall Trogg
Stone trogg Cataclysm-Logo-Small
IconSmall StoneTrogg
Trolls Dark troll
{{RaceIcon|DarkTroll|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|DarkTroll|Female}}
IconSmall DarkTroll Male IconSmall DarkTroll Female
Dire troll
IconSmall DireTroll
Forest troll
{{RaceIcon|ForestTroll|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|ForestTroll|Female}}
IconSmall ForestTroll Male IconSmall ForestTroll Female
Ice troll
{{RaceIcon|IceTroll|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|IceTroll|Female}}
IconSmall IceTroll Male IconSmall IceTroll Female
Sand troll
{{RaceIcon|SandTroll|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|SandTroll|Female}}
IconSmall SandTroll Male IconSmall SandTroll Female
Zandalar troll
{{RaceIcon|ZandalarTroll|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|ZandalarTroll|Female}}
IconSmall ZandalarTroll Male IconSmall ZandalarTroll Female
Vrykul Wrath-Logo-Small General - Vrykul
{{RaceIcon|Vrykul|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Vrykul|Female}}
IconSmall Vrykul Male IconSmall Vrykul Female
Frost vrykul
{{RaceIcon|FrostVrykul|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|FrostVrykul|Female}}
IconSmall FrostVrykul Male IconSmall FrostVrykul Female
Iron vrykul
IconSmall IronVrykul Male
{{RaceIcon|Kvaldir|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Kvaldir|Female}}
IconSmall Kvaldir Male IconSmall Kvaldir Female
Wendigo/Yeti General - Wendigo/Yeti
IconSmall Yeti
Northrend yeti Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall NorthrendYeti
Hybrid races Half-draenei
{{RaceIcon|HalfDraenei|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|HalfDraenei|Female}}
IconSmall HalfDraenei Male IconSmall HalfDraenei Female
{{RaceIcon|HalfElf|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|HalfElf|Female}}
IconSmall HalfElf Male IconSmall HalfElf Female
Half Kaldorei
{{RaceIcon|HalfKaldorei|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|HalfKaldorei|Female}}
IconSmall HalfKaldorei Male IconSmall HalfKaldorei Female
{{RaceIcon|HalfOrc|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|HalfOrc|Female}}
IconSmall HalfOrc Male IconSmall HalfOrc Female
{{RaceIcon|Mok'Nathal|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Mok'Nathal|Female}}
IconSmall Mok'Nathal Male IconSmall Mok'Nathal Female
Other Arakkoa Bc icon
IconSmall Arakkoa
Bogstrok Bc icon
IconSmall Bogstrok
Crystal satyr Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall CrystalSatyr
Ethereal Bc icon
IconSmall Ethereal
Ettin Cataclysm-Logo-Small
IconSmall Ettin
IconSmall Gnoll
IconSmall Grummle
IconSmall Harpy
Hozen Mists-Logo-Small
IconSmall Hozen
Jinyu Mists-Logo-Small
IconSmall Jinyu
Magnataur Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall Magnataur
IconSmall Makrura
Mogu Mists-Logo-Small
{{RaceIconExt|Mogu|Male}} / {{RaceIconExt|Mogu|Female}}
IconSmall Mogu IconSmall Mogu Female
Pygmy Cataclysm-Logo-Small
IconSmall Pygmy
{{RaceIcon|Quilboar|Male}} / {{RaceIcon|Quilboar|Female}}
IconSmall Quilboar Male IconSmall Quilboar Female
Rock Flayer Bc icon
IconSmall Flayer
Saurok Mists-Logo-Small
IconSmall Saurok
Tol'vir Cataclysm-Logo-Small
IconSmall Tolvir
Tuskarr Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall Tuskarr
Virmen Mists-Logo-Small
IconSmall Virmen
IconSmall Wildkin
Wolvar Wrath-Logo-Small
IconSmall Wolvar
IconSmall Worgen

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