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Complex WoW XML properties that can be applied to the major XML elements. This describes the actual XML property elements for major WoW XML Ui elements.

Summary Edit

For XML, attributes are 'inline properties' of an 'element', like so: <element attribute="value"/>. Each 'element' can also contain 'child elements', grouped inside the elements tag as children, like so: <element><element attribute="value"/></element>. An element's is defined by both the attributes, and by the 'child elements' of that element.

Reference Edit

The intent for this reference is to document actual complex properties that are not regular attributes, which make up the definition of a major XML Ui elements like widgets. These include common properties like <Size> or <Anchor>. This page is broken down into a single major section of common complex properties that share common types and definitions among major XML elements.

Type key for attributes

  • string - String, just some text
  • int - Integer, number (0,1,2,3,4,5...)
  • float - Single, number with point (0.3 or 1.65 etc)
  • bool - Boolean, one of '0', '1', 'true', 'false' to indicate enable or disable, or on or off, etc...
  • enum - List, an enumeration, or one of a set of predefined values
  • [Element] - Element Type, name of element

Properties Edit

Size Edit

(Dimension) - Defines a size of an element. Normally this is done by putting "AbsDimension" tag inside with "x" and "y" attributes, but sometimes this is done by just giving "x" and "y" attributes to "Size" tag itself. Last one is probably old way of defining and left for a backward compatibility.

Anchors Edit

A list of Anchors that defines position of element relative to its parent position.

Animations Edit

A list of AnimationGroups that define arbitrary animations for a target element.

Attributes Edit

A list of Attributes that define internal options for elements, often used for secure frames.

TitleRegion Edit

(LayoutFrame) - Adds a region used for automatically dragging a frame.

ResizeBounds Edit

Defines how big or small this frame can possibly be.

  • minResize (Dimension) - lower bounds of a frames size
  • maxResize (Dimension) - upper bounds of a frames size

Backdrop Edit

(Backdrop) - Provides a background for a frame.

HitRectInsets Edit

(Inset) - Alters the user input hit box for a frame.

Layers Edit

This is a place where actually defined what will be drawn on screen. If this tag omitted default representation is taken (this needs to be tested). Only 'Layer' elements can be inside this tag, each have 'level' property to define the order they will be drawn. Only fontstring and texture elements are allowed inside Layer element.

Attributes Edit

(Attributes) - list of Attributes that add members to the Lua object for the element.

Frames Edit

Contains the set of child frames of a Frame type. If you want button inside a frame you need put it inside this tag of frame.

Scripts Edit

This element accepts specific script handler elements of a Script type. See Category:Widget event handlers for more detail on individual handler semantics, and Widget handlers for which element types use handlers. Script types:

  • OnLoad
  • OnAttributeChanged
  • OnSizeChanged
  • OnEvent
  • OnUpdate
  • OnShow
  • OnHide
  • OnEnter
  • OnLeave
  • OnMouseDown
  • OnMouseUp
  • OnMouseWheel
  • OnJoystickStickMotion
  • OnJoystickAxisMotion
  • OnJoystickButtonDown
  • OnJoystickButtonUp
  • OnJoystickHatMotion
  • OnDragStart
  • OnDragStop
  • OnReceiveDrag
  • PreClick
  • OnClick
  • PostClick
  • OnDoubleClick
  • OnValueChanged
  • OnMinMaxChanged
  • OnUpdateModel
  • OnAnimFinished
  • OnEnterPressed
  • OnEscapePressed
  • OnSpacePressed
  • OnTabPressed
  • OnTextChanged
  • OnTextSet
  • OnCursorChanged
  • OnInputLanguageChanged
  • OnEditFocusGained
  • OnEditFocusLost
  • OnHorizontalScroll
  • OnVerticalScroll
  • OnScrollRangeChanged
  • OnCharComposition
  • OnChar
  • OnKeyDown
  • OnKeyUp
  • OnColorSelect
  • OnHyperlinkEnter
  • OnHyperlinkLeave
  • OnHyperlinkClick
  • OnMessageScrollChanged
  • OnMovieFinished
  • OnMovieShowSubtitle
  • OnMovieHideSubtitle
  • OnTooltipSetDefaultAnchor
  • OnTooltipCleared
  • OnTooltipAddMoney
  • OnTooltipSetUnit
  • OnTooltipSetItem
  • OnTooltipSetSpell
  • OnTooltipSetQuest
  • OnTooltipSetAchievement
  • OnEnable
  • OnDisable
  • OnArrowPressed
  • OnExternalLink
  • OnButtonUpdate
  • OnError

TexCoords Edit

Determines how much of the specified texture is to be shown.

Color Edit

(Color) - generally represents a font text, foreground, or fill color

Gradient Edit

(Gradient) - defines gradation of color blended with Color or texture File. currenly is only a property of Texture.

FontString Edit

(FontString) -

FontHeight Edit

(Value) -

Shadow Edit

(Shadow) - Puts a shadow behind an element.

barcolor Edit

bartexture Edit

buttontext Edit

checkedtexture Edit

colorvaluetexture Edit

colorvaluethumbtexture Edit

colorwheeltexture Edit

colorwheelthumbtexture Edit

disabledcheckedtexture Edit

Define the texture to use when a check button is checked.

disabledfont Edit

Define the font to use when a button is disabled.

disabledtexture Edit

Define the texture to use when a button is disabled.

highlightfont Edit

Mouseover font.

highlighttexture Edit

Mouseover texture.

normalfont Edit

normaltexture Edit

pushedtextoffset Edit

Text moves when clicked (and held), this defines how far it moves. Text moves back to its previous location when the mouse button is released.

pushedtexture Edit

Change the texture to this when clicked (and held). The texture changes back to its texture when the mouse button is released.

scrollchild Edit

ThumbTexture Edit

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