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Future mount in Mists of Pandaria?

A yak is a type of large, four-legged animal similar to a water buffalo that were predicted to be a ride-able mount in the Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria expansion based on a tweet by Blizz Bashiok[1] and a video at WoW Insider.[2] Unfortunately, they were confirmed by blue post to not be the pandaren racial mount.[3]  The bond between yak and Yakrat is a strange one, and what the rat gains out of the symbiotic relationship is a mystery. These beasts of burden are know to carry over five times their own weight and are capable of lasting several days without food or water.

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  1. ^ Bashiok tweet: Have we shown off the yak mounts already? Cause that's crazy close. Good job!
  2. ^ Mathew McCurley 2012-04-16. Mists of Pandaria Beta: New mounts video shows off your awesome new rides. WoW Insider.
  3. ^ Blizz Wryxian 2012-03-27. #6 - Pandaren mount is a yak?. Official Mists of Pandaria Beta > Mists of Pandaria forum (EU)So no, the Yak mounts are not the racial mounts for Pandaren. We're still thinking about how we want Yak mounts to be obtained.

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