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{{:WoWWiki:Known vandals/Intro}}
== Violations List ==
:'''Admins:''' If a vandal has caused massive disruption, use the "if bot" link when reverting vandalism - it will cause the vandalism (and the rollback) to become tagged as a "bot edit" and hidden from the [[Special:Recentchanges|RC]] list by default.
:'''Note:''' If you find your name on this list, please do not remove it - we check user pages and contributions before taking any action, so feel free to post a response/explanation on an appropriate page, such as your own talk page. Removing your name from this list shows a lack of trust in our judgment, and will most likely increase your chances of getting a ban, and lengthen the time of the ban! This is '''not''' a "Most Wanted" list, and admins certainly don't memorise everybody who appears on the list.
<!-- How to add:
{{vandal|Name_of_vandal}} Short description of vandalism here, preferably with links ...
^ ^ remember the underscores!
==== October 2007 ====
{| {{WoWWiki:Known vandals/Table}}
{{vandal|Poopy123}} Repeated blanking/replacement with nonsense of multiple pages.
{{vandal|Brenzily}} Vandalized [[Server:Andorhal US]] with unnecessary information since registering.
{{vandal|Lovehandles}} Vandalized [[Server:Blood Furnace US]] again. Second time in a week.
{{block|LEEROOOOOYJENKINS}} Added stupidity to [[Forest Leather Belt]]. 2 week ban.
{{block|Lolgreengang}} Moved entire [[Server:Blackwing Lair US]] page along with its talk section to a new page. Permaban.
{{vandal|Zabel}} Posting irrelevant personal info on the [[Server:Korgath US]]. After removing of content, Zabel continues to re-add it back.
{{vandal|Kochira}} Deleted large sections of [[Server:Kael'thas US]] based upon unilateral decision of content. The deleted content has been restored via re-Edits by other users and is a compilation work of multiple authors since server inception.
{{vandal|Navras99 }} Replaced all the titles on [[Server:Dath'Remar US]] with inappropriate words. Vandalism Un-done by re-edit. Note: Spotted numerous obscene posts by said vandal throughout history of the page.
==== September 2007 ====
{| {{WoWWiki:Known vandals/Table}}
{{vandal|Lolwiki}} Added stupidity to [[Server:Kael'thas US]]. Name is a given.
{{vandal|Klogg}} Continued trolling on [[Server:Trollbane Europe]] by editing the link to the trollbane irc channel
{{block|Carlsjr}} [[WW:DNP]] on several pages. 6 month ban.
{{vandal|Lovehandles}} Changed significant content regarding our server on [[Server:Blood_Furnace_US]]. He's harassed our server in the official forums and now here too.
{{vandal|Tmyrk}} Posting bad notes on players "[[Special:Contributions/Tmyrk Server:Gnomeregan_US]]" and removing self from vandal list.
{{vandal|CraigSlice}} vandalized [[Server:Bleeding Hollow US]] and created useless [[Bleeding Hollow:Zerglings]].
{{block|Gameking66}} Vandalized the [[Emerald Dream]] page not [ once], but [ twice] on the 14th. Permaban.
{{block|Dogshep}} Deleted all content from [[WoW:TBC]] and vandalized a guild page. Permaban.
{{block|Talbain}} Vandalized [[Gates of Ahn'Qiraj]]. 6 month ban.
{{block|Spanky 1381}} Continuously removing content from articles. 1 month ban.
{{vandal|Mynameisnotemo}} Edited the Tanaris US server page twice, deleting server progression information. [[Server:Tanaris_US]]
{{vandal|Sideshow bob}} This is the 4th time(?) that we have reported the same person for altering the Argent Dawn US raid progression page and deleting the achievements of the Oceanic Raiders. Come on, enough is enough. Same guy as Copis, Morfagston and the mad hatta. I caught it not long after it happened so I reverted with no problems. [[Server:Argent_Dawn_US/Guild_Progression]]
{{block|Morttis}} Deleting content. Only contributions. Infinite.
{{vandal|Wizoo}} vandalized [[Server:Burning Steppes Europe]]
{{vandal|Saru}} Vandalized [[Server:Sunstrider Europe]] at 10:01, 5 September 2007. Wrote "Warning this realm is full with 13 years old noobish children do not choose this realm to play!".
{{vandal|Shalek1}} Vandalized [[Server:Thorium_Brotherhood_US]].
{{vandal|Fdpunker}} Vandalized a guild progress entry in [[Server:Blade's_Edge_US]].
{{block|Copis}} Vandalized/removed the Oceanic Raiders entry on [[Server:Argent_Dawn_US/Guild_Progression]]. Probably the same user as 'the mad hatta' and Morfagston below. Copis is in fact the character name of the raid leader of the Oceanic Raiders group and did not make this edit. Infinite block for impersonation.
{{block|Lild}} Continuously posts false information on [[Curse of Doom]]. 1 month by Adys
{{block|Zarnks}} Zarnks blocked with an expiry time of 2 months, Intimidating behaviour/harassment. He's banned for falsely accusing numerous people of being "Alliance-biased" or making threats, and has been banned consecutively for going against the terms of service for similar actions (He's also been banned in the past for war-editing, removal/twisting of cited information, and breaking NPOV with opinions/speculation largely from a Horde-only position, with misuse or lack of citations[][]). Zarnks, while not necessarily wise, tries to follow the lore as best as he can. It's too bad he acts immature.
{{block|Morfagston}} Related to suspended member 'the mad hatta' who constantly deletes the raid progression for the Oceanic Raiders group on the Argent Dawn US raid progression page. Also, his current username is derogatory against one of our officers. [[Server:Argent_Dawn_US/Guild_Progression]]
==== August 2007 ====
{| {{WoWWiki:Known vandals/Table}}
{{vandal|Kcorb}} [[WW:DNP]] on [[Server:Sargeras US]].
{{block|Fabulols}} [[WW:DNP]] on [[Server:Moon Guard US]].
{{block|Galuria}} Continued to revert back to his vandalized edits of [[Server:Moon_Guard_US]] which included all-around stupidity and offensive comments. Most likely Fabulols.
{{block|Voluspå}} Instigating. Banned previously. Defamatory edits. Infinite.
{{block|Zobes90}} Odd, pointless edits on several pages. Infinite.
{{block|Los superchicken}} [[WW:DNP]] on [[Honor Hold]]. 1 month.
{{block|Jsh_harm}} Repeated incidents of replacing the entire [[Server:Blackwing_Lair_US]] page with song lyrics. Infinite.
{{block|Hanzbiggums}} Repeated incidents of replacing the entire [[Server:Blackwing_Lair_US]] page with personal attacks on Blackwing Lair players. Infinite.
{{vandal|Esina}} Constantly changing [[Forte]] guild page, history shows this is repeated action from probably some "ex" Forte memeber. If there is any possiblity to get this persons IP to identify him in game/IRC i would appreciate it
{{vandal|LaxM0nkeyd00d}} Modified DPS page to Glorify His Own Existence
{{block|Weaponx57}} Inapropriate comments on guilds in the listing [[Server:Emerald_Dream_Europe]]. History shows it to be a repeated action. Second ban user has had. 1 month.
{{suspect|Firebert}} Deleted most of [[Saurfang facts]]. Appears accidental. No action.
{{vandal|Bust}} Repeatedly initiating editwars on [[Server:Server:Emerald_Dream_US]] on guild description for Renascor(alliance). Desc. continually changed by user -also, notes on discussion pg. (requested by admin last time user involved in edit war -see discussion history for info) completely deleted by user. User has history of posting misleading info about other guilds. Entry in question removed since guild no longer exists on server, hopefully stopping editwar.
{{vandal|Boarhesedudelol}} Adding rubbish to [[Ironforge Commendation Officer]] and creating [[GUL'DAN'S DRAGONFLIGHT]]
{{vandal|Blackwolf1989}} Added stupidity to [[Gnomeregan]].
{{block|X3castillox3}} Several [[WW:DNP]] edits. Only contributions. Infinite.
{{block|Lolgilgamesh}} [[User:Lolgilgamesh]] another sockpuppet. Infinite.
{{block|Vrall}} [[User:Jabuti|Jabuti]] essentially a sockpuppet, but a different person. Infinite.
{{block|Jabuti}} vandalizing [[Leeroy Jenkins]] and [[The legend of Gilgamesh]]. One day by [[User:Faulkner|Faulkner]], request longer block.
{{block|Mr. One Dozen}} [Vandalism on [[Blood elf]] not worthy of a five-year-old. 3 months.
{{block|Dissento}} Defaced [[Guild:Chains_of_Fate_%28Skywall_US%29]]. 3 months.
{{block|Kajex}} Defaced [[Guild:Treacherous_Set_%28Muradin_US%29]]. 3 months.
{{block|Enelar}} Defaced [[Guild:Treacherous_Set_%28Muradin_US%29]]. 3 months.
{{block|The mad hatta}} Repeatedly vandalises the Argent Dawn US Server Progression page to remove a group he has personal issues with. Done many times now, sick of it. [[Server:Argent_Dawn_US/Guild_Progression]]. 1 month.
{{block|Allesist}} [[WW:DNP]] (Posted racist and obviously fake content; not even a good fake.) 1 year.
{{block|Xandioth1}} Repeated edits of [[World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King]] only contribution
{{block|Priority}} editing renascor's guild description in Server:Emerald Dream US. Taking out valid info and replacing with fluffy propaganda. Reverted once, he re edited. Not wanting to cause an edit war, i'm posting his name here. 1 month.
{{block|Gijoeheadstomp}} repeated vandalism the page [[Server:Elune US]] 6 months.
{{block|Qoa}} Vandalizing page [[Formulas:Magical resistance]]. 3 months.
{{block|Yezebel}} Replaced userpage with demeaning content. 2 weeks for being an idiot.
{{block|Stiz}} Deleted content. Posted DNP. 2 weeks ban.
{{block|Pack Hunter}} Vandalized [[Server: Shadow Council US]] repeatedly until 22:31 of August 9th as seen
[ here]. 3 months.
{{block|Enkaii}} Pretty much the same as Pack Hunter, but he did it first and to a much lesser extent as seen [ here]. 3 months.
{{block|Nerevarinex}} Vandalizing [[Server:Kul_Tiras_US/Lionshire]], [[user:Alarchy]], and incorrectly editing Known Vandals list. 3 months.
==== Archives ====
:More vandals and bots from the past have been archived to:
:* [[WoWWiki:Known vandals/Archive01]] (2005 - March 2006)
:* [[WoWWiki:Known vandals/Archive02]] (March 2006 - July 2006)
:* [[WoWWiki:Known vandals/Archive03]] (August 2006 - October 2006)
:* [[WoWWiki:Known vandals/Archive04]] (November 2006 - December 2006)
:* [[WoWWiki:Known vandals/Archive05]] (January 2007 - March 2007)
:* [[WoWWiki:Known vandals/Archive06]] (April 2007 - May 2007)
:* [[WoWWiki:Known vandals/Archive07]] (June 2007 - July 2007)
[[WoWWiki:Known_vandals#Top|&uarr; Jump to the top]]
{{:WoWWiki:Known vandals/Outtro}}

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